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      No sane person wants to hurt another human being. We learn to repsect life, not destroy it. Because of my work, people have the perception of me as a violent person. Well anyone who knows me understands this not to be true. The same can be said for most martial artists, professional fighters, cops and soldiers. It’s a hobby or a job -it’s something we do.
      Personally, I enjoy helping people empower themselves, do their jobs better and live happier, safer lives.

      One of the comments I hear about the SDTS is that it’s too brutal.
      Now, I’ll try to write the next portion at the risk of sounding like an alarmist. The Self Defense Training System prepares you for WORST CASE scenarios. Your worst nightmare attacks you with 100% intent on killing or raping you on your worst day under the worst possible conditions. Logic dictates that you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

      Common sense will also tll you that if you do anything less than 100% you leave little room for failure. We all must agree as soon as you roll off the throttle you create room for failure.

      That being said, this doesn’t mean you “kill” everyone who looks at you the wrong way. Your instincts go a long way but remember, even if some one just pushes you and you trip, fall and crack your skull on the sidewalk- you’re still just a dead as if they shot you.

      In self defense there are no gurantees only high percentage methods- maximun effect in the shortest amount of time. That is what the SDTS provides.

      Non-lethal force…yes, it’s in there too. You can back off if you have it under control BUT BE WARNED!!!! If you’re a civilian and you are going to walk away from some one who you just embarassed, be prepared for retaliation. He may have a weapon, call his friends, and try again with the knowledge that you can kick the snot out of him. Even if it seems resloved, you must leave the scene immediately even if he leaves.

      In law enforcement, there are really only a few holds you need to secure some one (unless they are an emotionally disturbed person then its full on). Most people will give up once they realize there’s no use in fighting.

      The bottome line is all force can be regulated. A blow to the side of the neck can be used to stun as well as kill, the cohice is yours.

      People talk about escalating force. In law enforcement this is artially true, bt not like most people think. For civilians escalating force in NOT PRACTICAL. As soon as some one assualts you, you protect yourself and stop when that person or persons are no longer a threat to you.

      I’m not talking about your drunk brother-in-law, in those cases a sharp word and a firm push puts them in their place.

      Nonlethal force can be regulated, but you’re making a grave mistake if you engage with the intent of just pushing someone around. This is why physical force is ALWAYS the last resort.

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      “as soon as you roll off the throttle you create room for failure”

      So true! in MC speak, you lose maneuverability. You become “fenderfodder…”

      Never thought of it that way. It’s full throttle!

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      But you can’t take the bike out of the biker!!

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      Amen, brother!

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      Hey Damian,

      This website is really interesting…

      I caught your ad banner on infowars.com and had a brief look, but I had to go out soon after. But from that brief look I was captured by the more combat-effective approach you displayed; as opposed to learning fancy martial arts.

      I’ve returned and have been up all night reading everything on the site, watching the videos, listened to the radio shows, now reading this forum, and I really want to get into this program and be able to take control of dangerous situations.

      I appreciate the honesty you have displayed — like in this article — regarding the gravity of a physical fight. They are extremely dangerous and when the fists start flying — or whatever — someone could end up dying, and I don’t want that casualty to be me or anyone I care about.

      It could be a push or single punch, slip, crack ya head … dead. Like you said. Australian cricketer David Hooks suffered that fate.

      Because of such dangers and life-ruining consequences, I have always avoided fights. I don’t want to suffer at the hands of another; nor do I want their blood on my hands. But you can’t always so ‘no’ to dogs, and you can’t call time-out, or pause, or quit like it’s a game, or call ‘truce’ because you’re tired, if you do get into a fight.

      And yeah, simply knocking them to the ground and embarrassing them is inviting a heavy retaliation. It’s rare to even hear about a ‘fair’ fight these days. It’s usually a jump attack or a gang bashing.

      It’s a huge moral, physical and often legal dilemma dealing with a violent person, and I have a feeling I will be facing said dilemma someday soon…

      My new girlfriend’s ex is scheming to get back with her, and he’s a pretty unstable person. I recently had heated conversation with the ex’s step-brother over a social networking site, because of the way they’d been harassing her (I’ve never met them in person), and he threatened me with violence — that they’d both shut me up. Apparently all three have a long history and I’m just the new guy who has to die.

      So, if I come across them, then I will have to fight them both, and probably anyone else with them. Apparently the ex is “huge” and “heaps intimidating” and “no one can beat him”, and my girlfriend said if I do come across them, there’s no way I’d win.

      So, isn’t that something to look forward to! :)

      Oh well, hope I can get into this program soon, I reckon I’ll need it.



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      Thanks for coming aboard and posting.

      I’m glad you pick up on the central theme. Dealing with violence is a grotesque necessity and must be treated with a certain amount of respect and disdain at the same time. Most of us here would much rather prefer to spend time with family and friends, but it’s our need to protect our rights and the rights of others to enjoy those times.

      This is also why we take a scientific pragmatic approach to it- because we have and do deal with individuals who do not care t much for our well being.

      Thanks for coming aboard and welcome to the group.

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      Thanks, mate.

      Looks like you have a great network here, and it’s good to see you’re an active part of it, and that you strongly support your company’s services.

      I can’t wait for the first module to arrive at my door, so I can get into it!

      I just learnt that the undefeatable titan I’m liable to face has already put someone in hospital with permanent brain damage, so I don’ reckon he’s gonna care too much for my well-being, haha!

      I’ve never so much as hit someone with intent to harm. So, it’s given me a lot to think about.

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      Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield. It is EXCELLENT and it talks about motivation and fear. When it comes down to it, most normal, sane people avoid physical conflict and all have fear prior to the conflict.

      Pressfield does a very simple and accurate job of describing the opposite of fear, which is love. Love of family, love of country, love of comrade. True, the Greeks of the day had an unusually STRONG love of comrade (sorry, I just couldn’t resist). But even the meekest old lady when faced with the prospect of a grandchild in danger will fight like a wild cat.

      When you train, focus on the positive of what you are doing, not the negative. We train to focus on the purpose, not the means.

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      Even though I didn’t realise it at the time; in hindsight, history was my favourite subject in school. My history teacher would tell crazy stories about the Spartans and the 300. I saw the 300 movie; haven’t read the book though, but an amazingly inspirational story. Love is the light which destroys the darkness.

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      I forgot to Thank you for becoming a member of the SDTS.

      So, Thanks.

      If you get some time, check it out. The book moves pretty quickly, Pressfield does a great job. BTW, hes’ the same guy who wrote Bagger Vance.

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      Bagger Vance, that title sounds vaguely familiar… I do read _a lot_, but it’s been a couple years since I picked up a book; apart from the Bible and Book of Mormon. Last two I read was ‘War Reporting for Cowards’ and ‘The Amazing SAS [Aus]’.

      Time is an issue, and I don’t really do anything I’d normally enjoy anymore. Religion and politics rule the world, so they’re taking up my time.

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      The movie starred Will Smith and Matt Damon.

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      People who claim the SDTS is too brutal are leftist zionist liberals who’ve probably never been in a real all out F@$ked situtation where if you run, you die. I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Damian or even being to the training center, but just with a couple of his vids and of cestari’s, I can certainly wreck someone if need be with full confidence..just ask my bob!

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      You hit the point. People who have been attacked don’t think twice about “liability”.

      You stop when you feel the threat on your life and well being is over. Act accordingly after the assault and learn how to write a report or give a statement.


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      Anglo_Saxon_Combatant wrote:
      People who claim the SDTS is too brutal are leftist zionist liberals who’ve probably never been in a real all out F@$ked situtation where if you run, you die. I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Damian or even being to the training center, but just with a couple of his vids and of cestari’s, I can certainly wreck someone if need be with full confidence..just ask my bob![/quote:2n4iyt9g]

      I would like to add that people that feel it (SDTS) is too brutal do, not want you to be able to defend yourself. It weakens their ability to control you. Case in point, I personally know of a politician who is 100% opposed to people owning fire arms though she caries a concealed weapon her self. This person has gone to extreems to take the right of self defense away from you. I would not be supprised if Damian’s very valuable SDTS is attacked by the same insecure leftists who want to disarm you.

      “You have the right not to be killed”.-The Clash

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      I only hope it is!!!!!

      That would be better than any advertising I could ever afford!!! Maybe I should a copy to THE VIEW?

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      Steven Pressfield’s book Gates Of Fire is excellent, as for politics and religion they are about fantasy, not reality. Reality is about the truth.

      Political parties are about using fantasy to further their own interests and agendas, be they left or right.

      The truth and reality have nothing to do with politics.

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