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Looks like Willie Robertson would be a good candidate for module 7 of the SDTS lol.

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      I love Duck Dynasty and I believe the show is helping bring back and promote masculinity and core American family values and I respect everything Willie Robertson has accomplished as the CEO of Duck/Buck Commander, but he could be taken a lot more seriously as business executive and avoid being the brunt of a lot of jokes from his family and co-workers if he got in shape and presented a better outward appearance. Just look at the difference between Willie and Damian Ross both men in the same age range, Damian actually 4 or 5 years older than Willie. Who would you look at and automatically believe would be better and more efficient at not only taking care of themselves and their family but being a better leader and manager of the affairs of their company. I don’t know about you but I’m going with Damian lol. If you want to earn respect as a man and especially when in a leadership position, then you have to look the part and portray an image of masculinity, power, and authority. People will question how you can effectively manage and run a company when it appears that you are lazy and don’t even take care of your body and outward appearance. And looking like an unkempt, unshaven, long haired fatass hippie definetly does not cut it. However a man having a muscular fit body and keeping his hair and facial hair well groomed and under control gives a presentation of one who is neat, well organized, strong, hard working, and most importantly as a business CEO competent and effective. Willie would be a great candidate for the SDTS just as any one else of us would not only for learning practical no nonsense self defense but to get in top fighting shape and build the body of your dreams and help build the confidence needed to stand out among your fellow friends and coworkers and earn respect and admiration from them and manage a business, and last but not least give you more manpower when approaching women for potential date and if you’re already in a relationship or married having the body and physical stamina to keep her happy and satisfied with you.

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      I gotta agree but when you meet them in person an talk with them when their not on tv, willie is a great guy and runs that business like a well oiled machine. The majic of tv is what makes them seem laid back a lot. But yea if choose Damian also lol.
      And in the tradition of Movember and No-Shave-November for man cancer I am growing my beard out. Prostate cancer runs in my family so I’m representing this month. Also my uncle past away on 11-13-10 from prostate cancer, and 11-13 is my birthday. Ok sorry I went of topic there. Lol.

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      James Goolsby

      Sorry to hear about your uncle, Archie, but I do wish you a happy birthday, my friend. Smile

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      Thank ya. Sorry I went of topic there but I was thinking about the beard lol.

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      Dallas Williams

      Happy birthday Archie but really sorry about your uncle. But that’s why it’s so important to have that dreaded butt invasion exam every year to catch these things early. I’m still in my 20’s so my doctor hasn’t given me one yet but I know it’s coming.

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      Thanks, yea I’ll be 32 tomorrow and have already had that physical a couple times. Damn doctors and their cold hands and big nuckles. I mean hell he could have bought me lunch first. Lol.
      So who else is doing Movember or Noshember?

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      Young Wang

      Wow, to be honest if he wanted to lose the weight quickly he should just start skipping meals and go on a water fast. to “detox” his body from years of overeating. And the most I’d personally ever feel acceptable growing would be a 5’o clock shadow Smile

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      Happy Birthday [Archie Thomas].

      [Young Wang] you’re on the money.

      The reason people are overweight is because they eat too fucking much.

      You can do paleo- no carb – high protein diet topped with coffee enemas (cream and sugar of course) but it comes down to two things, and in this order:

      1. How much you stuff into your pie-hole.
      2. What you stuff into said pie-hole.

      For loosing weight, 1 is a lot more important than 2.
      For building muscle, 2 is a lot more important than 1.

      Finally “LIFT WEIGHTS” with limited cardio.

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      Momma always said to always eat your fruit veggies and a good steak. But of course when I was growing up I didn’t listen and ate bags of Doritos and chocolate all the time and my freshman year of high school I was 5 foot tall and 225 lbs. yes I was a butterball. Then I fell in love with JROTC and joined the track and field team and the baseball team. I was still a fat sob but could run a 10.2 in the 100meter dash ;) it wasn’t until after school where I learned that carbs and fat was bad and now I’m a lean mean SDTS machine at 175 lbs :-)

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      Dallas Williams

      @ Damian and Young you guys are right because as long as you stay hydrated if you have excess body fat it will sustain you until you have no more to loose or you’re down to your desired level. However, I tend to not do well with diets as I love to stuff my piehole and not a picky eater at that. Especially on workout(LIFTING) days I’m hungry enough as we say here in TN to “eat the asshole out of a skunk.” I try to keep most of my diet clean, ex. lean meats, fish and fruits and vegetables but I’m not perfect and also like to splurge on other things at times like dairy, sweets, or fast foods. And I can see how easy it would be to overeat if you have a cook as good as Mrs. Kay Robertson lol.

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      Dallas Williams

      Any suggestions on how to eat less but not have those damn nagging hunger pangs where you want to bite a hunk out of the closest puppy, kitten, or child that walks by lol?

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      @Dallas Williams said:

      Any suggestions on how to eat less but not have those damn nagging hunger pangs where you want to bite a hunk out of the closest puppy, kitten, or child that walks by lol?

      protien shakes.

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