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Making Awareness a Habit…by Keeping Your Head on a Swival

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      Recently, I read an article by Ralph Mroz called

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      Having trained for a short while with Darren in the late 80’s at the Bujinkan Taijutsu Studio in Atlanta, and hanging out with him after he returned from Marine Corp basic training, his mantra of “keep your head on a swivel” resonates in my head constantly from the past to the present.

      As an avid recumbent cyclist, this mental attitude has saved me from countless potential accidents and bad situations by maintaining a constant “situational awareness” of my surroundings.

      It also affects my professional life as a freelance website programmer – providing insight on project features and website security. I can look at ‘all sides’ of a technical or tactical problem much more effectively when using this mentality.

      This style of thinking should be taught to all ages, in order to make our lives safer *and* more productive for generations to come.

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      That is another great example of applying training to real life. Physical training makes you mentally aware, and creates heightened sensitivity.

      Welcome to the forum.

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      Thanks! Glad to be here and have access to this resource.

      Just an added note (and probably better suited for another thread topic): ‘Keeping your head on a swivel’ should also apply to knowing what is around you that can be put to use in your defense, be it a chair, salt-shaker, garbage can, or tree branch. Anything that gives you an edge is fair game in a fight, or as a means of getting you safely away.

      Keep up the good work!

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      I just have an important question, how do you keep this from becoming paranoia?

      I ask this becuse I found that for several years while I was more concentrating on training in Reality Based Self Defense I found myself sometimes becoming more paranoid of my surroundings unless I made a conscious effort to avoid certain ways of thinking that lead to it.

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      First I want to say, welcome to the forum and also a little paranoia goes a long way.

      In a word, you really can’t stop being paranoid, but you have to manage it and operate in daily life.

      But what is paranoid?
      Putting a little extra space between you and the car in front of you at the light?

      Giving people an extra few steps when you pass them?

      Not going into certain sections of town?

      Putting anti personnel mines in your front yard?

      As long as you can function and not sacrifice quality of life, that’s just the way it is. You have to be a little more aware when you leave your home.

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      Thanks Damian,
      the anti-personnel mines on your front lawn might sacrifice your quality of life just a little bit, lol.

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      once they’re installed, people tend to stay off the grass.

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      Time Machine,

      Good question and thanks for dropping in. Simply put my answer is

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      The “Awareness” myth. Darren, you’ve stumbled upon it. This is another misconception about the martial arts, super soldiers and other Hollywood folklore.

      The idea of snapping into action in a moment’s notice is another fantasy. when I started martial arts as a teenager, I thought I was going to develop ESP.

      In a way, you do, training an preparation develops sensitivity and awareness, but the human mind does not operate like that.

      I’m looking forward to the rest of this thread.

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