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Man Accused of Hate Crime for Destroying Satanic Temple

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      You may not like it…but FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM of RELIGION are meant for everyone…even the psychotic, twisted and dumb…without it, you would never know you were talking to a crazy moron.

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      I fullly agree that with freedom and liberty it’s “all or nothing”. Obviously there needs to be laws about murder, theft, etc, but that’s just conducive to a coherent society, anarchy is also an extreme because without “laws of the land” the strong impose their will on the weak (which already happens, but to a much less degree).

      The thing I found interesting in this particular case is that the Satanic Temple of Iowa is on record as saying they don’t believe in Satan, they are anti-theist, and their “religion” is purely to promote secularism. So they are literally doing it just to get a rise out of people and then probably sue them. If he gets a good lawyer there is a chance to get it reduced back down to a misdemeanor. The thing that is probably going to bury him though is his open remarks that he did it BECAUSE he doesn’t like their religion. He used the word, they didn’t. Now it’s a hate crime.

      This is actually a good example of shutting your trap and letting the lawyers sort it out, which is super important in a self defense case.

      Thanks for posting!

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      Interesting take on the “secularism” and it very well could be a method to extract money from the stupi- I mean “unsuspecting.”

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