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      My uncle my was a veteran of the Korean War (1st Marine Div under Chesty Puller). He survived the battle of the Chosin Reservoir. Here 30,000 UN Troops (Mostly US Marines like my Uncle) were surrounded by 67,000 Chinese Soldiers. IT was a brutal battle that lasted 17 days in the harsh winter of North Korea.

      The Marines lost 6,000 men and another 6,000 to frost bite. My uncle suffered some frost bite.

      Even though they technically “lost” the battle because they were forced to retreat, the Chinese suffered 25,000 casualties and wounded another 12,500. The Army estimated that another 30,000 Chinese suffered frost bite as well. The victory for the Chinese came at a huge price.

      Until his death, Uncle Mike refused to talk about it (he refused to even eat rice until he day he died). As a civilian he became a fire fighter.

      While he served his country and his community it was easy to see it came at a cost, long after the fighting and the fires were over. He suffered from bouts of gambling and alcoholism as well as other self destructive behavior. He wasn’t mean or bitter, just broken.

      It takes a special person to put your life in front of yours to help complete strangers. Be it cop, soldier, firefighter, ems, security – anyone who is a first responder. Sometimes the price we pay is more than what we bargain for. I want you all to know that what you do is for a great cause and it’s what makes our world a better place.

      Today is your day – Thank You.

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