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Methods of motivating yourself & new stick training meth

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      Sensei Ross asked me to post the following. It is a tool I use to motivate myself in my training. If you are busy with work, family and life in general it can be difficult to make time to train. Having tools like this, which I call the “living document” training diary assist in mentally getting you ready to train at the time you set for training whatever you have faced in the day (or night).

      From a personal point of view I have started keeping a training diary in advance. I plot out several days (until my next planned rest day) into morning and evening sessions and detail what I plan to do in each session. Usually this is three to four days ahead of the rest day but you can start off with one day training and one day off alternating – especially if you are just starting or it has been a long time since you last trained and build up to two days training and one day off and so on. Remember long term consistency is the key to success.

      This is kept as a word document. As each session is completed I update the word document and enter the details of the future session when I next plan to cover that material. The areas I keep at present are as follow:

      Dummy training – Striking

      Brick conditioning

      Offensive and Defensive conditioning

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      Thanks. I like. Working the grave shift – soon to be evening shift – makes training a challenge.

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