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MMA fighter stops home invasion… Could face charges

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      Now I don’t know the details of how many times he stabbed the assailant or how bad he messed up the other guy. But if someone calls me and threatens my families life I would have done the same thing. This is where our judicial system is screwed. Here is a guy defending his families life and while he does kill someone in the process but personally he should not be charged with anything, he saved his wife and kids ass from some thug idiot how messed with the wrong guy.

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      Dallas Williams

      Agreed those potential charges are bullshit. They broke into the guy’s home, after threatening the life of him and his family. If someone breaks into my home intent on doing me or my family harm if I can get to a knife I’d carve them up like a fucking thanksgiving turkey too. I think castle doctrine should apply here, they weren’t just on his property but inside his home and it was very clear he was outnumbered 4 to 1 and would’ve needed a weapon to defend himself. Just another case of gang banging thugs picking the wrong person to fuck with. I still like Damian’s idea of bashing their skulls in with a black jack better, but hey whatever you can grab to use as a weapon go for it Laugh I’m sure even if this went to trial jurors would acquit him just like they did Zimmerman.

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      Yea it’s bs the castle doc should save his ass. But common sense would say no charges because he was threatened and they forced themselves inside.

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      He will be cleared unless the story goes differently, like why were those guys there in the first place?

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      James Goolsby

      Obviously we don’t have all the details, however based on what we know so far, from a police officer’s perspective, I can tell you this guy was clearly in “self-defense” mode. This could change as more details come out, but as Damian pointed out, it’s hard to argue your “victim” was innocent when he was the one who came to the guys house and attacked him and his family.

      As they say, anyone can basically be charged with anything these days, but getting convicted is a whole ‘nother matter. Just ask ol’ George Z. Smile

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      Also it depends on what he said when they officers showed up to the house. At least his lawyer is saying he was fighting for his life. That little statement may save him. The laws don’t always help the victim unless the state has a stand your ground law, like we do here in La :-)

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