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      This comes from Det. Ed Kane (from Protector).

      We aren’t in the business of criticizing each. But when an incident like this is released, we are remiss if we don’t use it to make ourselves safer and better. I saw this on Monday and can’t stop thinking about it a couple of times. Focus on the actions of the Officer for our purposes…Forget the douche and his girl who were filming and criticizing instead of helping, that is a separate issue..

      Points of interest-

      1) The suspect (fireman and newlywed) starts in an all fours position with the Officer. This is good defensive position if you aren’t striking. You can even say a grappler has an advantage here against someone with no ground experience. It becomes apparent later that the suspect was a wrestler at some point.
      2) The Officer is a big guy who Im sure was involved in numerous scraps but unfortunately the suspect is more skilled once they start wrestling.
      3) You will see as the Officer moves to the suspect’s head, the Officer’s knee strikes the suspect’s head (the suspect is dead 20 seconds later btw)…this amps the suspect up and he moves the a throw called a “fireman’s carry” (no pun). The suspect moves directly to a very strong side control position where he strikes the Officer in the face. Now the suspect is in dominate position and the Officer is flat on his back and is losing consciousness. He draws and shoots the suspect twice.
      4) This altercation goes bad quickly. For the guys and gal who took the handcuffing last week, notice the officer attempting a wrist hold (goes nowhere). Notice when the suspect turns to his back giving the officer ample opportunity to strike. Unfortunately grapple mode took over, and now it is a skill competition. Wrist holds look cool and if you practice them daily, I’m sure they are effective…However, I would put them at the bottom of the spectrum of importance for Defensive Tactics. In other words, you should learn and practice everything else first……in other words they suck.

      Never attempt to handcuff a non-compliant suspect on your own. There is no rush to cuff!!!!! Win the fight. Cuffing should have never entered this equation. Resistance turned into a full out brawl when the Officer’s knee strike the suspect’s head. The dangers of limping into the use of force are proven in this video. If your hands on and by yourself, the force should be overwhelming!! Tests of skill are for a ring or a dojo….never make the odds 50/50. The Officer was completely justified in his actions. He was beat, and took necessary action. He recognizes this very quickly which is outstanding. Unfortunately the suspect lost his life, and now the Officer has to live with the aftermath shooting.

      The ultimate irony of this incident- If the Officer used more force, he would not have had to kill the suspect……..

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      Awesome read and perspective.

      Thanks for sharing.

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      James Goolsby

      Agree 100%.

      I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Damian’s Guardian Defensive Tactics program, but perhaps the MOST important lesson I took away is his discussion (note: philosophy, not technique) regarding Use of Force. As he states in the video, officers are taught to start off slow and work our way up the continuum, but this only applies to verbal de-escelation tactics. When the time comes to go “hands on”, you need to come in strong (“like a lion”) and get control of the situation immediately. Then you can de-escalate as the suspect begins to comply.

      As Det. Kane so keenly points out, “If the Officer used more force, he would not have had to kill the suspect.” This incident could have potentially been avoided had the officer used a stunning technique such as a Hand Yoke to the back of the suspect’s neck while he was in the “turtle” position. As a defensive tactics instructor myself, I can honestly say that going to the ground or wrestling with a suspect is 99.9% of the time a bad idea.

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      That’s crazy just goes to show how quickly things can go wrong and how one slip of a knee can send someone off the deep end and into a deep hole.

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