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My GDT Review

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      James Goolsby

      Got the GDT system in. All I have to say is, “WOW!”

      First of all, the seems to be very few — if really any — strictly Police Defensive Tactics techniques. For fhe most part, every move is simply a “lesser force” version of a SDTS technique. And that is awesome. I love the fact that I don’t really have to learn a bunch of new stuff, just how to modify what I already know to work within my department’s use of force policies. Of course, when the shit hits the fan, I just roll right back into SDTS with very little thought. It’s a brilliant system.

      Second, the stuff works… period! How do I know? The first shift back after I watched the DVD’s — yes, I watched all three in a single sitting — I made contact with a guy who kept putting his hands in his pockets. After repeated warnings, he did it again. At that point I grabbed his arm and executed a Hand Yoke to the back of his neck. Dude dropped like a stone! I had him in cuffs before he even came to his senses. Furthermore, later, after his cuffs were removed, he started getting squirrelly with my partner. A Double Axe from behind to both sides of his traps and, boom, again he dropped like a stone.

      Damian. My friend. My mentor. It is official… I now pledge my eternal allegiance to you, sir. As you have seen from previous posts, I have used your material many times now. It has not failed me yet, and I don’t see it ever failing in the future. It’s simply too instinctive and natural; you don’t even think about it. Once I’ve drilled a technique for about five minutes, it literally becomes part of me. I’ve been looking for results like that for 30 years!

      Well done, sir. Keep up the good work!


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      It’s my honor James.

      PS. Wait until you see protector:csi Smile. It will be on Insider shortly.

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      Got my Guardian Videos and have put them in my training workouts. Great stuff wish I had them as a paramedic, but now the Police officers that train with me in Krav Maga learn some stuff after regular training. They love what I am showing them and think they are teaching other officers. All I can say is the material is great, and mostly will help many of the officers I know that I work with. Keep up the great work damian, your stuff is great, and the best out there.

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      @Damian Ross said:

      It’s my honor James.
      PS. Wait until you see protector:csi Smile. It will be on Insider shortly.

      Protector CSI is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing this on Insider.

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      Is guardian defensive tactics the same as the vault series guardian police combatives?

      also, what’s the story on the legion elite?


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