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      Hi guys and gals, I’m Archie and just wanted to introduce myself. I live in a small city in southeast Louisiana and primarily work as a home service insurance agent, yes the old days of someone going to your house to collect payments an other services is still alive. I’m also a dj for one of the areas largest production and entertainment companies. Any way, like some I have loved martial arts ever since I could remember, growing up in the 80’s watching Bruce Lee, Chuck Noris and others then the power rangers haha. Even tho I love it my mom wouldn’t let me into karate even tho my cousin was a black belt and I was jealous and wanted in. Fast forward a few years into my teens I was over weight and being bullied a lot so my father being former spec ops in Vietnam showed me a few little tricks like the edge of hand (module one) and a few other things. Then about 10 years ago I was involved in a car crash that almost killed me, coma, fractured neck and a lot of physical therapy I was finally able to start working out, I moved to Miami in 2007 and started MMA and muay thai training with Amerian Top Team where I received my blue belt in ju jitsu until money, work and life got in the way. So began my search for a self defense system that didn’t cost $150 or more a month for 2 day a week training and I came across the SDTS and contemplated for a long time, it’s probly been 2 years, then I received an email about the insider! As soon as I got my paycheck I signed up and just started really training and the rest will be history. I personally believe I have found THE SYSTEM that I was looking for. Cudos to Damian and your team for all the hat work you have put into this system.

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      Welcome to the family Archie.
      It’s been my dream to make this type of training affordable to everyone who needs it. Fact is, replicating DVDs, printing manuals, picking and shipping this stuff is expensive.

      I wanted to create a no excuse program and actually give you more for the money.

      Now anyone with an internet connection can have access to the right information.

      All I ask is that if you do remember, spread the word. Talk about it, post about it and invite people to join.

      Oh..and PLEASE take advantage of the information and the SDTS training we have to offer. USE IT AS MUCH AS YOU WISH.

      The more the better.

      Thank you Archie and welcome to the Inside.

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      The word is being spread, a buddy of mine, Scott Ard is a SDTS instructor and is working in opening up a garage or dojo or whatever you want to call it, we like the word dungeon lol. I am hoping to be far enough along in the system to assit him in teaching and hope to one day be an instructor myself.
      Also with my insurance job I carry a lot o cash at times and I do work in the “ghetto” areas in the projects and whatnot so learning how to properly protect myself is actually worth way more the $20 a month.

      Thanks again


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      Welcome to the Family Archie!

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      Welcome Archie.

      Scott is a great guy. We are also all here to help you…


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      Thanks for the warm welcome. So far I’m lovin the site and the training, there is so much info on tho site, not overwhelming but ADD kicks in and I was to read it all, at the same time lol.
      How long should I stick to mod 1, or should I train it till I know it then move on?

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      Until is becomes “Instinctive and Convulsive”.

      That means until you’re really blasting away and things feel comfortable. For your average Joe – about 1 month of 2 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes.

      Module 1 is used everywhere.

      You can also schedule some LIVE training with an instructor and have him run you through the SDTS Grade 1 requirements to see how you’re progressing.

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      So basically to the point where I’m not hesitating running my drills? Some things such as the heel of hand I something ive always done an trained due to a wrist injury in high school, it’s my personal fave and have had to use it in the street a couple times. It really shuts up the smart ass that tol me he would give me one free shot before he woul touch me. Anyway I will stick with it and get in touch with Scott in two weeks to test me and see how I’m doing. I also have my son getting involved, he is 13 and I’m trying to teach him that what he sees on tv is just that, something on tv, and not to think that he knows everything.

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      When you figure out how you got your son to realize he doesn’t know everything, can you teach me?

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      Haha. Will do.
      I am trying to start with self defense first, then work on other things he thinks he knows everything about haha.

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