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      James Goolsby

      Hello all,

      My name is James. I am a full-time police officer in Nashville, TN.. I recently came across Damian in his Guardian Defensive Tactics videos posted on BlueTube. I was very impressed with what I saw (what he says actually makes sense — imagine that), so I did a little research. That is how I discovered the Insider program.

      Though I am in the process of becoming a certified DT Instructor with my department, I plan on ordering the GDT DVD’s when I get paid and hopefully incorporating it into our training. It looks that good — and, let’s face it, PPCT is not really the be all system they claim; I think it was designed more to protect the department from a lawsuit than actual “combat” effectiveness.

      In the meantime I wanted to start on SDTS now since it was available in an affordable online format. This will come in handy when my current DT training breaks down, i.e. the shit has just hit the fan!

      I tend to be the type of person who, when when I latch on to something I like, I tend to go 100% all out. Therefore, at some point I will certainly be discussing with Damian the possibility of becoming a certified instructor in his system and providing what I believe is a much needed service in the Middle Tennessee area. Most “schools” around here are traditional arts like TKD, or the latest MMA craze. Both arguably effective at what they were designed for (sport), but not so much for the types of situations I find myself in daily.

      I look forward to working with everyone.

      Thanks Damian… I cannot wait to start hitting it hard! :smile:

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      Hey James, welcome to the “Family” and thank you for becoming a part of the Insider Program.

      Please let us know how your efforts are progressing and we will be here to assist you in any way.


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      Welcome James.

      We are here to support you as you progress. If you need any help at all just feel free to ask. Awesome people here on the inside.


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