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      Dallas Williams

      Hello guys this is Dallas a fellow Self Defense Company legion member I just wanted to give everybody a little background on myself and how I discovered the SDTS and why I think it’s the best self defense system out there. So as a kid I never really played sports and wasn’t into a lot of rough and tumble play many boys are. Although I did make good grades( If I got anything less than an A I would cry like a little bitch lol) so yeah I was your typical scrawny geek/nerd, etc. And despite various incidents of bullying or having fun poked at me by some fellow classmates and my father or grandfather’s attempts to try to toughen me up to try to make a man or at least more masculine kid out of me, the encouragement from my teachers for doing well in school and causing no disciplinary problems in class and my mother’s love and admiration of my behavior and good grades and the comfort of sitting behind a desk pushing a pencil or reading books in the air conditioning/heat was enough to keep me from changing my white and nerdy ways lol.

      This all stayed relatively the same and was basically my life until I entered high school and while I was in my freshman year one particular incident occurred that pushed me beyond my breaking point. In the men’s restroom after I finished taking a leak and was just leaving the urinal I was approached by two upperclassmen both of whom were substantially bigger than me both in height and size. One of them jacks me up by my jacket and holds me up against the wall while the other takes a piss on my shoes. Then the guy that was holding me threatens me saying, “If anybody asks tell them you pissed on yourself cause if you tell what really happened we’ll beat the shit out of you.” Then they walk away leaving me standing there in utter shame and humiliation and despite their threat I still handled things the pacifist and authorized way schools teach students to handle such bullying incidents. I went to the principals office and explained what happened and my parents were called and in short what happened was the school did reprimand the guys who did this to me and put them in inschool suspension for like a week or something. While my course of action was the right thing to do by our modern day liberal government influenced school systems standards I was fortunate my actions didn’t result in retaliation from those guys.

      This incident was the straw that broke my back and a turning point that spurred the little voice inside me to say enough is enough it’s time to man up and learn how to fight your own battles and make yourself no longer attractive to bullies as a viable target and in inversely make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. I decided to start putting forth the time and effort to work out put on some muscle and become more fit and also start looking at various martial arts in which I could learn techniques to defend myself should the situation require it. And in doing this I gained confidence and ability to handle myself should a violent scenario occur not to mention more confidence to go up and talk to girls or even the confidence that I could Ace that next big exam that comes up or any other curveball life might decide to throw at me. My life did improve for the better I still gave plenty of priority to my studies and kept my grades up but I became more respected by fellow male classmates and upperclassmen also and girls seemed a lot more willing to talk to me and even approached me from time to time. Not to mention exercise simply makes you feel good and nothing feels more empowering and badass to me than lifting heavy weights and nothing feels more invigorating than going for a run on a nice sunny day. And martial arts not only also provides a good form of physical activity but mental stimulation as well. In my journey of studying or training in various different martial arts to try to find what was best and most practical for self defense I’ve trained or at least researched fillipino martial arts, japanese jujitsu, BJJ, sambo, jeet kune do, muay thai, karate, even aikido. While there are some good and practical techniques that can be found in most every type of martial art so many techniques are in the curriculum either to simply be used for flash and show to entertain audiences in exhibitions or to insert into movie fight scenes to make them look more cool and appealing to the public or they are techniques that are meant to work in the dojo or even in regulated sporting matches like mma but are either too complicated to recall or ineffective for street fighting application.

      It is not until I stumbled upon the Self Defense Company that I realized this. While googling you tube for knife defense videos I saw in the search results Damian Ross knife defense from module 8. So I checked it out and initially compared to other knife defense techniques I’d trained or seen I thought it was suicidal and one of my original you tube comments on the video may reflect this. However, just out of curiousity I began watching more of Damian and other Self Defense Company instructor’s videos and the more I saw and opened my mind and even began trying some of the tactics myself and discovered just how practical and effective yet simplistic and easy to recall under duress they are. I had even studied various other “reality based” self defense or combatives systems before like Target Focus Training, Scars, Systema, even Krav Maga and in all honesty none of them compare in effectiveness and ease of use to the Self Defense Training System. And in my training and through talking to Damian I’ve even learned that while the SDTS is based on WW2 combatives there are a few things that have been modified from their original WW2 form either because some techniques like in most other martial arts or systems are too fancy or complicated to be applicable for practical use or while viable on the battlefields and trenches of WW2 are not very useful for modern day civilian needs. The Self Defense Training System really is a complete fighting system from everything to ground fighting to weapons to multiple attackers and even how to potentially prevent an attack in the first place and contains the best most effective and easy to use tactics for practical self defense not to mention a special fitness module designed to get you in combat ready shape and build functional strength and conditioning necessary for not only combat situations but for tasks required in other aspects of every day life as well.

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      Thanks Dallas, that means a lot.

      In grammar school I was one of the bigger kids. And yes, athletic and one would think that I would be the “piss on your leg” type.

      But it was just the opposite. I got in my fair share of fights, but it was mostly sticking up for my buddies. It drives me crazy when I hear of people being picked on and pushed around just because someone larger and bigger can.

      The fact that you made a stand and said enough is enough speaks volumes.

      A lot of kids don’t stand up and as kids get into High School age some parents will look to the kids for ways of handling the situation. Most times the kids want their parents to stay out of it and the parents listen.

      This is wrong.

      To handle bullying you need to do TWO THINGS.

      1. Get the school involved.
      2. Give your kid the tools to fight back.
      Training, lifting weights, athletics – these are the ways a kid learns to stand on his own two feet.

      What do you do in life when you’re threatened?

      1. Defend yourself
      2. Call the police

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      Dallas Williams

      That’s why it pisses me off to no end when people bash sports in school and accuse those that play of bullying or making fun of the less popular kids or that they have it on easy street because they don’t have to give a shit about their grades because teachers or the school administration “pushes” their grades for them just so they can keep playing their sport or still get to be on the honor roll. High school/college athletes are some of the most hard working kids you will find because not only do they have to spend extra hours after school at practice and training and during season pretty much every free moment they have is taken up by having to play or travel to play games. On top of this they still have their studies to keep up also and most student athletes not only want to make the minimum grade required for them to play their sport but they want to make the best grades possible to get or maintain the best paying scholarships for college or the opportunity to get in their favorite college in addition to the fact that kids who are driven to succeed in sports have the drive and work ethic to succeed in all other areas of their life too including academics. So yeah some of them may act a little douchy or whatever, but damn it they deserve to get to if anybody does because of how hard they have to work to be where they are and are under so much constant mental and physical exhaustion and constant pressure from themselves, family, coaches, etc. to always perform at their best and give it their all. Oh yeah, let’s not forget a lot of these kids even work part time or even full time jobs in the summer in addition to all of the other shit they have to do and what little time they do have left to just get to enjoy life and be a damn kid so yeah people go ahead and keep running your mouths about how golden and easy student athletes have it and how spoiled and overly entitled they are you bitter jealous fuckers :?

      And really the vast majority of athletes football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, hell even cheerleading if you wanna call it a sport, are also the most confident and cocky but also kind respectful(at least off the field) , and helpful folks you will find. In fact in many bullying situations if they see somebody whether a fellow teammate or not bullying another less capable kid they will be quick to jump in and defend the poor guy and tell them to back off. In situations I’ve witness or experienced a lot of the bullies weren’t even involved in athletics to begin with. They were loosers or nobodies who had no self worth or confidence in their own life so they choose to bring others down by harrassing or assaulting them in a failed attempt to try to exalt themselves simply because they feel that they have the power to do so because they’re bigger, stronger, or just plain meaner etc than their victim. People can say what they will but sports in combination with academics does nothing but foster great values we want to instill in kids as adults teamwork, hard work, healthy competition, loyalty, pride, self confidence, and the ability to work well with and respect others. And most of all in an age where obesity is epidemic and causing havoc on kids health at an alarming rate it gets them up off their asses and moving and staying fit and healthy and we all know a healthy body helps develop and maintain a healthy mind as well. Much better option than sitting at home alone playing video games(especially the violent shoot em up type) drinking beer smoking weed and downing bag after bag of potato chips and damaging not only their body but a developing brain as well.:D

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      Somewhere along the line “jocks” were portrayed as “dumb jocks”.

      This is what happens when the sheep started taking control. Anything that reminds them of what they are not – strong, athletic, aggressive – heck even as I write those words I FEEL the negative associations that have been rammed down my throat from a young age.

      There are more sheep than sheepdogs and the sheep don’t like to be reminded of what they’re not.

      You can be strong, athletic and aggressive while still being compassionate, forthright and honest.

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      Guys like you I can’t stand to see someone being bullied. I was bullied as a young kid until I made a stand and learned how to defend myself. The funny thing with most bullies is the meanest thing about them is their mouth. They are able to pick out those who lack confidence in themselves, and that is who they bully. I recall changing schools my junior high year and my first day in class; you know the day that everyone sizes up the new kid. You have the kids who are jocks and usually popular, then there is the group who are the extremely smart kids. You have the kids who just blend in, and you have the bullies. By the 8th grade I had been training for a while and my instructor had taught me not only how to defend myself but how to read people and situations and I was confident. This is how that first day unfolded.
      As soon as the teacher introduced me, I started to pick out those groups because I had confidence and had been trained how to read people. The bullies were the easiest; they were the asshole’s that coughed out loser and their buddy’s laughed which was good for me because I was immediately on guard. The rest of the class waited to form their opinion of me based on the bullies and how I would react to them. The thing about bullies, they don’t have much confidence in their self so they over compensate by bulling if one allows them too. So as my day went on the bully’s start to feel me out with smart ass remarks and the 1000 yard stare. So as I had been taught I showed no emotion that is what Mr. Roberts my instructor at the time called “sweating them” you can break down a bully without saying a word, you start to put the fear of the unknown in them. You start to bully the bully from the inside out.
      A bully needs an audients to feel good about what they are doing, which is in your favor no bully wants to be exposed as just a big mouth with no action, and when push comes to shove that is most time the case. It’s very rare that the star quarterback gets bullied it’s always someone who appears weak or different. I don’t recall how long it was before the class bully’s approached me but it didn’t amount to anything other than a few words I think they asked me how I’d like to have my ass kicked, and I told them something like I’d love to, you pricks have the talking done when and where? It ended with one of them saying you better watch your back, and me saying I will and my front too. That day I became a blender one who was able to get along with everyone. And it was all because the training I had, I knew I could defend myself if need be, but I had planted the seed of fear in the bully’s long before they approached me.
      Bullies are just like any type criminal they don’t want to been seen for what they really are, they don’t want to be caught, no one wants to be in trouble, and they don’t want to get hurt physically or be proven to be a loud mouth no action candy ass. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves and most importantly how to avoid being bullied. Bullying has no age limit. If you can arm yourself with what I have talked about you be able to avoid being bullied and most times never strike a blow. I talk to lots of parents who have mixed emotions about their children learning self-defense because they don’t want their children to be exposed to violence. They think the turn the other cheek method is best. My experience with that method is you get hit on both sides of the head. The first thing we teach is how to avoid violence, the second it how to deal with it if need be. Too often self-defense is mistaken for violence, it’s not, being able to defend yourself stops violence. Damian I agree children need to know when to tell and how to defend themselves.

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