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My last Letter. Lion in Training.

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      Dudes! Y’all rock! This is my last letter. The gov. here has blocked my
      access to facebookl, and many more.
      I am very glad to still be able to send this my last message.

      I am leaving to go learn and train in the Mountains, so I can
      do God’s will. Please feel free to judge me by my profile in
      facebook. It is open for viewing to all. I will combine physical
      exercise, hard study and Prayer all together, and God will turn
      me into a Lion, or I will die trying.

      Damian, thank you! Your work is sooooo gooood! this program of yours
      is a bright Light shining in a very dark world. You teach very valuable
      lessons. God will surely reward you, of that I have no doubt. No matter what you believe. All is real in this, the infinite, second creation.

      I cannot wait to meet you guys! I especially wanna hug Pete,
      from him I get the impression of wisdom and serenity. BiG Time!

      Damian, hear me now. You too are a Lion.
      You will know this and accept it, or you will suffer until you do.
      I love you brother! I see the look you have in your eyes, reflected
      back when I look in the mirror.

      Suffering leads to Wisdom,
      Those who will not listen to Truth, must suffer until
      they accept Truth. God proves science. I now make a
      wager with you all. I bet you the world cup soccer is a mantrap.
      I bet you the Large Hadron Collider will NEVER work, It is my
      greatest weapon against the atheist swine. I bet you they will use
      tsunami’s as coastal assault weapons, triggered either by HAAARP,
      or a nuke fired deep in trenches of Leviathan’s liar. Did you know
      that a nuke is evil personified. It is E=mc2 in reverse. It is anti-creation.
      Anything that is against God Divine Law will be destroyed. You
      cannot fight, or understand gravity. You cannot fight or understand energy,

      I love you all soooo much, you rule. I am Forever in your debt.
      But my Master Jesus Christ Loves you More!
      I will self-actualize.

      Many thanks and kind regards,
      Gunther Jurgens Kotze
      I know this ’cause God told me!!! fafafaaaa!
      God bless you all.

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      Our Father, who art in heaven,
      hallowed be thy name.
      Thy Kingdom come,
      thy will be done,
      on earth as it is in heaven
      Give us this day our daily bread.
      And forgive us our trespasses,
      as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation,
      but deliver us from evil.
      For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. for ever and ever

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