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New TRaining Center in Houston!!!

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      Pompton Lakes, NJ- The Self Defense Company announced today the opening of the third official Self Defense Company Training Center in Houston TX. The 5,000 square foot Training Center is due to open just in time for Valentines Day! Self Defense Company Professional Instructor Clint Bodungen has taken the step from Professional Instructor to Training Center Owner Operator and the prospect is looking good, despite the economic downturn.

      To see the Center being built, go the the blog:

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      Oh lord, a self defense training center in Houston. Let me ask you this, are they teaching Anglos to defend themselves from Mexicans, or teaching Mexicans to defend themselves from Anglos! I don’t think Mexicans need to learn self-defense, don’t they all carry switch blades and M-9s! Besides, I think white people these days are scared of Mexicans!

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      I think you should train whomever wants to learn. I believe I heard that somewhere…oh right Bruce Lee.

      There are a lot of criminals in Texas and I’m sure the Anglos, Texicans, and other law biding citizens of Houston will want the trying.

      Oh before you get your panties in a bunch though. This is an old post things have changed.

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      Train whomever wants to learn? Right! So if an MS-13 gangbanger wanted you to train him in the SDTS, I bet your dumbass would do it, because he wants to “LEARN”!

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