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      I purchased the website offer without test drive and recieved the module 1, The material on the 3 dvds is good and helpful,
      but what I would like to know, as its not clear to me what happens after that, do the other modules automatically get mailed out every month.
      I tried 3 times to get a answer from customer service email address, but to date have got no response and its been over a month, so I dont know if I am all that impressed with the service , they keep sending me email updates about their latest products,10 so far, but dont bother to answer a simple query. I am in Australia so phoning up customer service is not that simple due to the time difference


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      Customer service usually gets handled in one business day, but that doesn’t stop things from slipping through the cracks.

      Modules are shipped automatically each month. You can shorten or extend the time in between modules.

      You can read about this on the home page under the heading HOW THE SELF DEFENSE TRAINING SYSTEM WORKS


      Also here in customer service … ervice.asp

      Question 2.
      We receive hundreds of calls and emails a day, and even though we think we get them all, some fall through the cracks.


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