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      Hello. I was viewing the Self Defense website and so far I really like what I see. I’m seriously considering the possibility of training in this program. (More than likely I will). I just have a few questions and if anyone on this forum can answer them, I’d really appreciate it.

      1. Obviously, before I start to teach anyone Self Defense, I need to learn it myself. How long does it take for one to master the Self Defense system? And how many hours per day should one work on each module?

      2. Territory protection. I live in Canada and I am within the province of Alberta. I see that there is already an instructor within the province. Joe Landry has locations within Northern Alberta, however I live in Southern Alberta. If I become a certified instructor, is it possible that I can have parts of Southern Alberta as my territory to teach while Joe Landry has parts of Northern Alberta as his territory?

      3. I’m not exactly sure that I will necessarily want to teach Self Defense in Alberta, Canada (after I register and complete all the modules). In fact I’ve actually thought about going to Taiwan to be an instructor there. Now obviously due to the fact I am a caucasian person who is not a Taiwan citizen, I would need a working visa in order to work there. To get to the point, what I am really trying to ask is this: If I want to move to another country to represent and teach the Self Defense martial arts there, will this company be able to help and support me in any way?

      4. If I am an instructor in a certain area and after teaching Self Defence in a certain place for a while, would I be able to re-locate to any other place to teach if I wanted to?

      I just wanna know my limitations.

      Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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      1. First it depends on you and your natural ability. That being said if you can do 45 minutes, 2 times a week you will see improvement in the first few weeks. To MASTER…well, I like to avoid the M word, but you an get really good in a couple of months. The Good thing about the SDTS is that the learning curve is accelerated after the foundation is set. As you progress in the modules, you learn faster.

      2. All Instructors are territory protected by Zip Code. So It won’t be a problem where you are. If you move, you can transfer your license or set pu mulitple licenses. It’s up to you.

      3. We have instructors all over the world.

      4. Yes, provided that territory is avialable. With 46,000 zip codes in the US. it is usually not a problem, though we did close down Boise, ID since we have 3 instuctors there and the population is only about 170,000 plus.


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      Hello. Thanks for the response Damian. Just a couple more thoughts.

      1. Let me confirm it. If I want to teach in a different country, the Self Defense company can support me when it comes to work visa and legal issues. Confirmed?

      2. One of the questions on your website is “Approximately how many established martial arts schools do you have in your town/city (approximately a 5 mile radius)?”

      -My answer would normally be that there are one or two. Now are you referring to martial art schools that just happen to exist in general? Or one’s which I personally own and run? (I don’t own or run any).

      3. When it comes to training without a partner (using a dummy and punching bag instead), can all these items be purchased at any local martial art store in my country? Or are there certain items which can only be purchased from the self defense company itslef?

      4. When it comes to instructor certification and stuff like that, is there any part of it that involves having to travel to New Jersey (if that’s where your headquarter location is) to attend any seminars?


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      1. We will suport you for SDC related producs and training. Our foreign instrucors are residents of those countries. Provided you pass the criminal screening, we wil support you in your efforts to obtain a visa.

      2. Ones that exists in general, from the huge factory to the guy teaching out of his garage.

      3. We recommend a BOB from century, a medicine ball, an egg timer, and an optional canvas heavy bag and a “brick”. We give you your list of equipment in module 1. You can purchase these tiems anywhere.

      4. Instructor training come at different levels, for the first 3 levels its about 300 hours of training and teaching, For a Regional Instructor it is about 500 hour plus a few other mile stones. You don’t bave to travel to NJ, you can film yourself for video review. For that we must se you doing the requirments AND teaching.

      You submit that along with your teaching and training log for certification. If it is done incorrectly or some things are off the mark, we will schedule a time to speak with you.

      Yes, you can begin teachin right away under a probationary certification. You have 12 months to get your first certification before your license comes under review. You don not have to seek hoger certification than level one, but most do.

      You certification is included in the cost of your license fee.

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      Now when I enroll in the course (which will be soon), will the videos themselves and the manuals have instructions on how to teach to others?

      You also said that instructor training comes at different levels, for the first 3 levels, it’s about 300 hours of teaching and training. Can you tell me, how many people in general should I teach when it comes to teaching?


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      The manuals help you train. Teaching and instructions how to teach comes from one on one coaching and training in the Instructor program.

      How to structure a class, program layout and implementation are all in the instructor program. You receive instruction manuals and hands on training that is ongoing.

      It depends on your time and resources. Some use a personal training model, others use a martial arts school model. The program is scalable to meet your needs.

      Good questions,

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      Hey Damian. Is it wise to purchase a BOB before ordering the first module? If so, is there anything else I should get before ordering module 1?

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      you will want to get one. So pick one up. Also get a brick, duct tape, carpenters sponge and an optional medicine ball. As you go through the mods you will want to pick up a few things here and there, but nothing big.


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      Okay. So about the BOB. This one here would do? … ts_id=6107

      If it’s absolutely necessary, I will get a BOB. However I found this here. … ts_id=6720
      A Wavemaster. The reason I considered the wavemaster is because it is cheaper than the BOB. Now is the BOB absolutely necessary? Or would a Wavemaster do just as well?

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      Go here first:

      Sometimes they have specials.


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      Alias wrote:
      Okay. So about the BOB. This one here would do? … ts_id=6107

      If it’s absolutely necessary, I will get a BOB. However I found this here. … ts_id=6720
      A Wavemaster. The reason I considered the wavemaster is because it is cheaper than the BOB. Now is the BOB absolutely necessary? Or would a Wavemaster do just as well?[/quote:38ge3wfr]

      BOB is well worth the extra dollars. He is pretty much mandatory for anyone serious about self defense. But If ya dont have the resources ya dont have em. But I would save until I could get it. even if it means delaying havein something to strike. In Short BOB is the stuff. He is so useful. i cant imagine training without him and I dont know how I did it in the past.

      Try ebay there is a guy on there that has a vertual store and he sells them regularly for 169.00 plus 30 S@H. I got mine at the local sports equipment store for 199.00 so have a look in your area first ya may just find it at a good price. Go with century as last resort.

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      Hi. Chris here. I found this forum very interesting. After browsing through the site I have also decided to consider pursuing a career in teaching Self Defense. One thing that has been on my mind is this. I had somewhat of a stuttering problem my whole life, although my stuttering isn’t that bad of a problem now but it is slightly noticeable. I have also been somewhat of an anti-social person as I grew up. Now with this being the case, would a person like me still be able to become an instructor of the Self Defense system?


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      but it’s no different than a lot of other instructors. Some are not in the best shape, some are not confident in their technique, some are not great public speakers (or can even speak to a small group). It’s never a perfect time, but the time is when you decide it’s time.

      Part of your training in the SDC Instructor Program is one on one coaching. We work with you to develop your program. One of the methods we use is to start you off teaching family and friends. Next you will give free workshops. These are small venues to only a hand full of people.

      By doing it this way you will get confident with the material and yourself. The more confident you are in the subject matter and your ability (the more you practice and study) the easier your delivery is going to be.

      In the beginning expect some FANTASTIC DISASTERS!! When I began moving from student to instructor, there was no coaching or training program. It was pretty much trial by fire. The biggest mistake instructors make is trying to have NO FAIL solutions for everything. The truth is, there are some situations you just want to avoid. When you are teaching you will be able to turn the tough questions into excellent lessons.

      If you didn’t fill out the application for the free instructor information kit yet, go here: … rogram.asp

      If you did and you want to talk to the development team, email

      Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.


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      I see that once in a while you hold seminars in New Jersey. When it comes to teaching other people, would people such as myself and others attending be given time to practice teaching the material and tactics to others during the seminar? What else would the seminars in New Jersey consist of?


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      We break them into SDTS basic (the first 5 modules) and SDTS advanced (the last 6 modules).

      Since the seminars are designed so that anyone without any experience will get just as much out of it as people with a lot of experience. Non instructors train along side instructors, black belts with white belts. We put a detailed syllabus of the courses on the seminar page. This is going to be updated the first week in January. We just set the 2009 schedule and May is already booked. We will have a 3 day in August (Friday, Sat and Sun) that will be more in depth advanced training.

      Also, the local instructors conduct seminars as well. In the near future, as more instructors and their programs are brought up to speed, we will have regional training centers. We have 2 now and possibly a third by the summer of 2009.

      This way, you won’t have to travel as far.


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      Well this thread has gotten somewhat interesting since it started. Just another thing Damian. Now I was asking questions earlier in this thread about teaching Self Defense in a country which you are not from (no citizenship), basically most countries have visa policies which say that if a foreigner wants to acquire a working visa, they must first have an employer within that country which is willing to hire them.

      1. With this being the case, which types of employers would you recommend that I approach?

      2. Would it be necessary to travel to the host country on a regular tourist visa first in order to make contact with the appropiate employer?

      3. Finding someone to employ me… is this something which the Self Defense company can assist me with in any way?


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      1 Policies vary from country to country for the United States you can either get a student visa work visa or tourist visa (which there is no real application- passport and you’re in.) Most work and student visas are applied for with an employer or school “sponsoring your application. You can find out more here:

      In the meantime, contact you state department about the country you wish to work and an get those specific requirements. Goggle “work visa COUNTRY” to get started.

      2. It depends on the country.

      3. The SDC has employment placement services that fulfills the needs of the companies that contact them. We arrange travel, billing and curriculum. Certified instructors are sent depending on certifications, location and schedule.

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