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Nickster thinks the SDTS “won’t work”

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      I love the smell of Hate Mail in the morning! We got this in customer service and I immediately needed to respond.

      “I cant believe your actually teaching people this stuff and charging for it you guys are living in a fairy tail land if you think this shit will actually work the car jacking you didn’t even secure the gun you just hoped that since your using edge of hands you wont get shot that’s terrible you just assume that the attacker is some dumb ape that doesn’t even know how to keep his hands up its pathetic you people should be ashamed of your self for putting together such a bullshit system your ground escape the guy had on wrist daggers and daggers in his boots who the fuck just walks around like that there’s ways of escaping the ground threw the use of leverage and handles not assuming someone just walks around with daggers and if you have all those daggers how the hell did you end up on the ground in the first place its fucking pathetic i would go up against any one of you pendejo’s you guys have to know that your system is a joke there’s no way you actually believe that shit would actually work .”



      I understand your frustration and judging by your response you’re probably training in the same type of “self defense” that we all did at one time or another.

      That being said there are a few key points we need to discuss.

      “Control the weapon”
      Yeah, there’s a lot of emphasis on controlling that weapon in the gen pop of martial arts. “Why control the weapon sensei?” “Well student, you can get the weapon and use it against him or if that weapon is left on the ground, someone can come up and use it against you.”

      If you study the SDTS you will know that a weapon is only as good as the person holding it. In the SDTS we clear the weapon and attack the man. That weapon is not going to do any harm unless someone picks it up and uses it. You’ve got one shot do do something, focusing all of your attention on the weapon will force you to forget about the guy who was willing to threaten you with it, who can still punch, kick, headbutt, bite and attack you. You must take the fight to the man as soon as possible.

      Do you run the risk of getting shot? HELL YES, we’re playing with guns here. Will you get killed if you’re shot, chances are NO. It’s not like it is in Hollywood, you can get cut, stabbed and shot and not even FEEL it.

      Second, fancy gun control take-aways typically require complex and precise motor movements. Read LtCol David Grossman’s book ON COMBAT and then get back to me on the subject. I’ll save you some time – they don;t work due to the body’s response to high stress situations. In a real fight for your life – only gross motor skills (big movements) work.

      As for someone else picking it up and shooting you…sure, but that some person is going to shut your lights out when he sees you wrestling for the gun. Either way you can only fight ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

      “Attacker will keep his hands up”

      In a reaction to getting hit in the face and neck I would expect him to cover his face – it’s natural. If you think that keeping your hand up while someone if beating your brains in, you’ve been point sparring too long. A hand in front of your face isn’t an iron shield. If you don’t move your head, the hand being hit is going to SMASH INTO YOUR FACE. In the SDTS we attack, take ground and destroy the target.

      Don’t think those edge of hands do anything? Keep dreaming. The edge of hand and heel of hand can be found in EVERY BARE HANDED FIGHTING SYSTEM ever created. But no, you’re sparring with hand wraps and plastic gloves will do the trick.

      “the guy had on wrist daggers and daggers in his boots who the fuck just walks around like that “

      I do and so do a lot of other career criminals. Nickster if you’re not preparing for those guys you’re living in a FAIRY TALE (not fairy tail – unless that’s something you’re into)


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      Well Nickster, opinions vary. And just to let you know there are several people who walk around with daggers. Some have guns clubs and all kinds of weapons; you see them on the news every day. Now granted most of them are criminals, however, a few of us sheepdogs recognize that and does the Boy Scout thing, you know, be prepared! Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in a bad situation such as being on the ground on the wrong side of an attack. If you do ask yourself this question, how in the hell did I get here with all this leverage and handles. Also the next time you put your hands up and someone beats out them of the way don’t be shocked that happens too. I’m not trying to disrespect you in any way but you should do a little research before you say this system won’t work, and the “i would go up against any one of you pendejo’s” just really didn’t need to be said, that shows uncertainty in your abilities, you think you have to prove something to yourself.

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