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      Well, this would normally be a training night, but alas, money gets in the way of progress and I can’t continue right now.

      I was really enjoying the classes. Everyone there is great. Students and instructors alike.

      I’ll keep checking the forums and spend time over at the resources site, which is really jam packed with great articles and videos.

      Hopefully, you will post if/when you guys move. Hopefully, not to far away.

      Well, I’ll be there in spirit…


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      Rob anytime. When you have a chance check out

      This will allow you to keep training at home.

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      yeah the hell with most dojos. Dont waste your time prancing around with old people and little kids doing round house kicks and running around in circles goofing off. You could learn more from Damian on here in two weeks than any other wunnabe martial artist in a month.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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