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      You kn ow Damian, OnePercenter (where the HELL are ya?lol) you guys had that post ” I don’t need a gun” from last summer.

      You know after studying the vids a bit this week, and looking at some VINTAGE Cestari dvds, I have to say I agree. If there is anyhting the SDTS is good at showing it’s how easy a person can close space on you real quick. And MANY , not all, but many gun enthuesiasts do rely on the gun way too much. It’s not that I see it as ‘guns are for pussies” because in real self-defense there is no cowardice really. But there is laziness.

      Most guys really into firearms would NOT know what to do if someone grabbed hold of them before they could deploy their weapon. People I know have proven this as fact. I live in L.A. where a CCW permit is damn near impssible to get anyway. Knives and yawaras are great if you have this kind of training.

      I don’t think it’s naive at all to say that people training in the SDTS could handle most of the likely violent situations in the big cities without a gun.

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      Yeppers most folk think there gun will protect them from assault and there dead wrong. Is the simple truth that one needs to know how to fight with there natural weapons. Peroid. Anyone who has taken a force on force course understands this especially. A knowledgable knife or club figter is gonna own anyone with a holstered gun within 10 to 12 ft. If ya dont know how to neutralize this attack long enough to clear your firearm. Is gonna be a bad day.But most folk including 90 percent of ccw holders guns are in a lock box at home. Not very helpful.

      Personally I like to know how to fight but I also carry as well as have pepper spray.

      My condolences to the fact ya live in cal. They sure hate guns there. :(

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      Thank you One, as usual..awesome response!! Yes, that IS the ignorance of SO many gun-nuts. NUTS I say here, not people who responibly purchase and own firearms and then take the time and spend the oney, to learn all about the proper use, the when-when-not-tos, and most important..LAW! Both local and national. Gun NUTS are simply the guys ( usually white-male cammo-wearin-psueodo-military sort) who say to situations like the one you just stated something brilliant like “Yeah, well I’ll just shootcha!”.

      No ya won’t. Won’t have time. LOL whats funny One? What’s funny is these guys who are all totally into guns compare themselves to warriors of old, like knights and Roman soldiers saying “These boys used weapons. It was about killin, not doin kung-fu or UFC shit.”

      What they don’t get is…knights, Romans, Spartans you name em…ALL took A LOT of time to learn how to use their natural body weapons!.

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      Also One, I think you’re right when you said before that gun-nuts get uncomfortable and insecure when they realize that you can fight without a gun. Simply because they have not taken the time and put in the effort to learn it themselves.

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      the 10mm would be my caliber of choice, they have them in the glock 20s

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