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      James Goolsby

      Hey guys,

      I kind of jumped ahead to Mod 7 — through the first circuit anyway — because up until now my idea of exercise was sitting in a warm tub of water, pulling the plug, and fighting the current! So I’m looking to burn off this beer-belly (okay, really it’s more like a Big Mac belly, but I digress.) I love the idea of getting my SD training and fitness in at the same time.

      Anyway, now that I’ve got the fitness side taken care of, does anyone have any good nutritional advice and/or resources that you could recommend? I’m not looking for any of the latest magic bullet fad diet business, just good, solid stuff that works (you know… the SDTS way.) Books, DVD’s, etc., I’m open to about anything to get started.

      Thanks in advance.


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      James – general rules for nutrition.

      Simple carbs (Oatmeal, Quinoa, etc) for energy before 3pm or work outs.

      Then it’s vegetables and protein. You can supplement with Whey Protein.

      Multi Vitamin- and Vitamin D. It’s No secret I’m a big fan of:

      Stay away from anything white and processed:

      White flour, white sugar.

      Avoid foods with high Nitrates like Bacon and Lunch Meat.

      Limit fruit – NO BANANAS AFTER 12 noon.

      No fruit Juice – just fruit like apples and oranges. But eat the fruit, you need the fiber.

      No alcohol (but not forever)

      Stick to it for a few weeks.

      After take one day a week to eat whatever you want. Preferably on a work out day.

      If you drink, try to go to vodka or bourbon. No carbs and limited in calories when compared to beer and especially wine.

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      Dallas Williams

      Good topic and great info but I still have a couple of questions? I didn’t know fruits were any different than vegetables or needed to be limited after a certain time of day since they have such few calories compared to less clean foods? And I take a multivitamin but I was wondering if it’s still necessary to supplement vitamin D if you get a lot of sun exposure since the skin is supposed to produce vitamin D naturally? When I train I put my gear outside on my deck to purposefully soak up some rays and get my gym, tan, and SDTS on all at the same time. And you never mentioned anything about dairy but I consume a moderate amount of milk and cheeses is that something that is ok or should be avoided? But the protein and vegetables thing I’m doing good on though :smile:

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      Bananas are tough to break down and fruits must be eaten whole- the point of eating fruit is getting fiber.

      The sun is the BEST source for vitamin D. So yes, I do recommend the sun. However, it’s just a good idea that you make sure you’re getting enough. Remember the harder you work, the more you need.

      Yeah, I forgot to bring up dairy – you should limit it. Some people sear by eliminating it which is fine. My body has told me I don’t need milk – but some times I just need a cold glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie. :D

      You’re right, dairy needs to be restricted to your “day off”.

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      Dallas Williams

      Lol it’s funny you should mention dairy and bannanas lol. One of my favorite bedtime snacks is so spread some cream cheese on some crackers top it off with some jalapenos with a bannana to boot, then of course sometimes I go for the all American staple milk and cookies :smile:

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      Hey, I hear you. Stuff I can’t live without:

      Cheese Burgers
      Home Made Pizza
      Ice cream
      Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Uh Oh. I see where this is going…

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      Yea nutrition is one of those obvious but hard to understand things. Personally I like the Warrior diet and intermittent fasting however limit that as well cause your only eating once a day. In reality just watch what you eat, burgers are great… If you have quality meat going in. McDonald’s burgers bad, Wendy’s good. Lol. Eat your veggies kids.

      Yea I never knew that about bananas, I do know that you shouldn’t eat sugary fruits after noon bc of the sugar, ie. watermelon, apples, etc.

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      I just thought I would send out a cheap plug as well for the Athletic Greens. Been using them now for 2 months along with their BCAA supplements. Good shit. Feel amazing. Highly recommended.

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      Dallas Williams

      Damn Damian making me hungry just watching this lol.

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