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Only Morons Go Shopping on Black Friday

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      Only morons go shopping on Black Friday. Last year there were two dead in shooting at Toys R Us in Desert Palm, California and on Long Island, some poor sap who was just trying to do his job, got trampled at a Walmart in Valley Stream, NY by a stampede of mouth breathing morons.

      Is this what the world has come to? People killing each other to save a few bucks on some plastic piece of crap your kid isn

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      Well I went out, but not by choice.

      After sleeping in and enjoying a good hike at mountain near Master Instructor Ross’s former residence joined some friends for a movie.

      It was the same theater where the Self Defense crew saw Inglorious Bastards after the training seminar.

      Anyway I joined two long time friends at the massive theater and couldn’t believe the insanity. I actually got a place to park, but there were so many people at the mall, and not nearly enough security.

      People overloaded with packages and bags, and small children not being watched properly. It was a self defense nightmare, because there are frankly to many people to watch. By the time I went there it was already growing dark.

      I found a parking spot in a well lit area, and headed to the closest entrance. I had my mace along with a few other toys and headed to the theater to enjoy Ninja Assassin. I enjoyed it as did my friends, but it isn’t for the weak of heart and there were buckets of blood. The action was impressive and the film only adds to the Ninja’s mythical status.

      Though without ruining the plot I can safely say that even the best assassin can be defeated if you don’t play their game. Don’t let them have the advantage in any situation. The fictional members of law enforcement that take the ninja clan on in the film learn that at a great cost, but by the end learn how to deal with the shadowy killers.

      So now I will just secure every way into my place and leave on all the lights as I sit patiently with my katana….hey it could happen.

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