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Plaxico Burress in a Giant Knuckle Head

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      For those of you who don’t know. Plaxico Burress plays for the New York Football Giants (football the pointed kind, not the round kind). He recently signed a $35 million dollar contract and he has been plagued with behavior and injury issues all season. Before you judge…consider this.

      Remeber he’s 25 years old. You forget that these kids are multi millionares who from High School have been given he royal treatment.

      This doen’t excuse their behavior, but if you were 25 years old with $100,000 in your pocket and you couldn’t spend it if you tried (these guys get comped EVERYTHING) what would you do? What would your view of the world be? Would you even make it to 30?

      Plaxico has come to that point where he has to make a decision. What will it be? Man or Thug?

      When I was young there were several clubs in Manhttan we would go to/ work in that had a metal detector at the door. It was cool and we were tough guys…until I noticed that not EVERYBODY went through the detector.

      There came a time when you have to grow up. Part of that process is knowing when you’re getting in over your head. The nack to spot trouble before it happens.

      Plaxico in a kid at a point in his life where a lot of us were. The point between being young and foolish and old and dangerous. When your a teenager and in your early 20’s and you got into a little mix up, the local police tend to be a little more forgiving. But there comes a point when they start to take you a little more seriously. It’s that time you ned to make a decision.

      The main reason I got out of nightclub security and bodyguarding was stricly a liability issue. Some things you did were with no authority. In New Jersey being a bouncer gives you no special priveledges. You have the same rights and the person you are tossing out the door.

      There came a point, after I bought my firt house and proposed to my wife that I made a decision to stop and focus on instruction and teaching. A lot less exposure and the hours are better.

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