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      You may notice a Point System next to your Member Profile.

      These means you’ll be getting points for posting in the forum, completing Module Lessons and other accomplishments on Insider.

      What does this mean?

      We’ll be giving special promotions for the Insiders who have the most points over a certain period of time.

      Just a great reward for your hard work.

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      Awesome idea Damian.

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      Well, I would LOVE to take credit, but Dave picked this Simple Press app (the forum) and it’s all built into it.

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      Yea I was wondering what that was. Sweet idea. So what can we win… A free private lesson from the master himself, really a t shirt would be good too. A guy can never have too many shirts lol.

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      Yep, we’re looking at stuff like that.

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      I know you will come up with awesome incentives my friend.

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      Sweet, I know I can but a shirt but one that is won is even better lol. But seriously the point system is a great motivator to practice practice practice and post and post some more. Thumbs up Damian.

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      GREAT idea….Adds a little more motivation to be a part of the SDC Nation…. :)
      THANK YOU Damien…..for this wonderful opportunity….

Viewing 7 reply threads
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