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      Kung Fu San Soo (Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung) is a combat oriented system brought to America by the late Jimmy H. Woo

      Personally, I have found it’s strategy principles to be very close in similarity to those of WWII combatives, so here I’ll post three pieces which I like the most for us to comment on…

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      I LIKE the mindset. Thougth I can’t say as I apporove of the techniques executed. And I base this assesment on my experience with SCARS-Which is based on San Soo. As you, One and Damian may already be aware. The real-life applications in SCARS are there-but VERY limited.

      I’d say-let’s KEEP the mindset of this or ANY system tghat thinks like this….but executionwise? SDTS!

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      Those articles are good. And the folks that wrote them are in the vast minority of folks in that they know what they are talking about and understand the mind set and criteria of a RBSD practioner. So thats good.

      That being said from what exposer I have had of San Soo. Its not for me.

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      As I say One, the MINDSET is great. The execution (the techniques and physical strategies and tactics) are seriously wanting. The movements are too wide, slow. The whole reason SCARS people “wait for the attack” is the set up of the majority of moves in it are DESIGNED for the practitionor to wait. Doing a big circular “blocklike” move and calling it a strike to the arm is no better than just waiting and doing a karate block.

      One of the big downfalls of nearly ALL Karate–starts too late and ends too soon-to quote Joseph Simmonet.

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      Same with Krav Maga One; case in point? Krav has the beginning students spend hours upon hours doing these basic moves for a front on collar grab/front-choke-grab to the neck: One of to “peel” the hands off the neck and then do a kick to the groin. The other, is to torque the whole body about 45 degrees…then bring the elbow down on the arms choking the neck. To break the grip loose. Peeling the hands off of the lapel, or slamming down on the forearms to break loose the choke…… the attacker reaches out…to grab.

      One, you thinkin what I’m thinkin? You see him coming AT you in the first place…….

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      I have always been a believer in pre emptive striking. I have been pre emptive striking since first grade.

      I prefer covering over blocking. And blocking combinations is a problematic to near impossible. Is one of the problems of blocking and trapping. I have never had anyone block me and I have never hand a problem getting around someone cowering and covering. So Im pretty convinced trapping is theoretical non sense but I have never trained it but I have never trained the Dim Mak

      I still would love to see someone doing trap against a fully resisting oppenent attempting to knock them out. The footage doesnt exist because trapping is BS.

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      OK, I trained with Paul Vunack and students of his for 4 years or so! I tried to give the ol’ JKD concpets of trapping and limb-destructing a chance. I tried-I reeeally tried as Billy Jack would have said. I spent hours on end-with a buddy of mine who was a top-student of Paul’s. He is still my buddy. Real and true Marine.

      We’d do the Asian patty-cake sequences til “pak-sao” would make me wanna puke at the mentioning of it! I’d go to Paul to show me-begging him to show me-just HOW it can be pulled off against various what-ifs.

      I read the Tao of JKD. I watched my freind’s tapes on specifically trapping, hubud-lubud. Misgivings abounded. Then you know what? I was doing the “drills” with another friend of mine who has been doing martial arts back with Genghis Kahn when he was a kid. Long time. He threw a straight”ish” punch-kind of straight puinch a street guy would throw. I blocked. Sort of. OK Now let me say that I gave my freind the oppurtunity to do a trap the way it was MEANT to be done; NOT as a defense. But as a way to take-down HIS defenses. When HE blocks. I did more of a “flinch-response” jam then a trained block. I jammed-and stepped in. He went to do a slap-trap on one of my arms….and I leg kicked him.

      Hard. Now IT NEVER worked as a defensive move mind you. Never enough time. Not in OUR work-outs anyway. But here it was HIS attack.
      But I decided to be more coun ter-attacking to his attack then defend. I jammed in hard-my forearms to his chest. Tough visual I know. But The sec he did that silly trap I leg kicked him and he doubled over. Then I clasped his head and drove knees into his head and face (he had a helmet on). It CAN’T work in real-time! As a defense feghgetabawtit. No time. But even in it’s intended purpose you spend THAT much time focusing on that one arm, you got something else coming unexpected.

      Look Paul wins fights-he does I know people that have seen him throw down in bars it’s no BS. But he does’nt do that shit! He goes nuts and picks up pool cues and chairs. And he’s been f****ed up 10 ways to Sunday too. Intensive care and everything. That trapping stuff will get you seriously hurt if you try it when someone is “gunnin for your ass”.

      LOL ALL that stuff wahses right outta you man! That’s why this SDTS and combatives LIKE it is all I put my stock in. It’s by default really. I KNOW this stuff will stay with me when ardeline is so dense inside me, people’s voices seem different. You know how that goes LOL. Probably because there is nothing to “remember” in the sense most people know it in traditional martial arts. A chin-jab is always a good option but so is an edge-of-hand blow. Just depends on what I FEEL the situation calls for.

      LOL My JKD freinds all hate it cept for that Marine buddy. They all whine that there is “no self-perfection in it” JKD term meaning doing stuff that makes you eventually look like ( read THINK) you’re fighting like Brucey-Poo. “All self-preservation and no self perfection” Yep, and I spend my time making my self-preservation damn near perfect.

      Rant over lol

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      And by the way One…when Isee people try to tell naive students that stuff like that will work….”I..just go BERSERK!!!!!!” <does big kicks like Billy Jack.

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      JKDGuy wrote:
      And by the way One…when Isee people try to tell naive students that stuff like that will work….”I..just go BERSERK!!!!!!” <does big kicks like Billy Jack.[/quote:3nvb53es]


      Well..folks who train for self improvement…well I guess thats all good and all… But for me self improvement mostly comes betwen the ears..its a mind thing… I used to be in that camp..then it dawned on me…1) I can improve myself as a human being in other ways 2) One day I am at the dojo and kinda realized…the hours that I spend doing kata, breaking, etc..that I KNOW have little street application. I could actually use those hours..Oh..I dont know..Practicing defending myself!:) Havent been back since.

      Damian has send it best. Its a life skill..Self Defense is just a life skill.

      There are three life skills every human needs. 1) Self Defense 2) Money 3) Self Analization. If ya have those three you are cooking with ALOT of gas.

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      JKDGuy wrote:
      And by the way One…when Isee people try to tell naive students that stuff like that will work….”I..just go BERSERK!!!!!!” <does big kicks like Billy Jack.[/quote:1hz0luop]

      As a side note..I have found the combination of Billy Jack Big Kicks and ” The Curly Shuffle” intimadates the shit out of people!:)…Just Kiddin…Mostly. Acting crazy does work good.

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      LOL yessir. lol now..what about limb-destructions? I think they have a CHANCE- a CHANCE mind you-of some success. I think with a yawara stick it can work.

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      JKDGuy wrote:
      I LIKE the mindset. Thougth I can’t say as I apporove of the techniques executed. …
      I’d say-let’s KEEP the mindset of this or ANY system tghat thinks like this….but executionwise? SDTS![/quote:1yk35vma]

      That’s so true, forget about San Soo’s technique/moves, and apply it’s philosophy to combatives moves. Maybe there’s a need in combatives training to get deeper into this mindset theory teachings just as these San Soo guys do. At the end, tactics is what saves the day, and “offensive mindset” understanding is big part of such.

      Many of those WWII field manuals just had about a couple of paragraphs mentioning it, but I feel it should be more deeply imprinted in students brains by having them read articles like these ones here. Mainly civilian students.

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      Yes, and Jerry Peterson took San Soo-capitolized on that (“Offensive”) Mindset–but kept up with the San Soo techniques. Mistake. Other way around-sort of-keep that mindset but just use combatives.

      Although I have to say that for me, the best combination at this point is this combatives stuff in SDTS…and knifeowrk with James Keating! Awesome guy, I am going up to train with him come Spring thaw.

      And when I get with Jim, we throw them knives, and we throw ’em hard!

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      Ya know Robin, I guess in ANOTHER way though, San Soo was the Defendu-Combatives of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Sort of.

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      Sure not in the way Jerry Peterson shows it LOL…

      BTW, some say that Jimmy H. Woo used to say that all you needed was good foundation on Tsoi Ga, that means, striking techniques. That there was no need for learning throws, joint manipulations etc…, but only the “beat the crap” stuff.

      San Soo surely was a very different thing from what we see nowadays. Same happened with must styles, they turn the real thing into artistic-acrobatic BS.

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      Striking certainly is about %85 of this game at least. IMO anyway.

      Fairbairn himself once said “a blow should always be done in preference to a throw”.

      Of course “throws” even then should break stuff.

      My recipe is as follows:

      Bend something the way it’s not supposed to be bent.

      Block blood from the brain (I can hit to do that)

      Block air from lungs AND brain ( I can hit to do that)

      Take his vision (HIT his eyes)

      Tear his face off

      Pound the crap out of ‘im.


      Jimmy thought the same way I’m sure :D

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