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      There are only a few proven ways to dispatch of someone with your bare hands. Module 12 takes an historical look at documented methods of unarmed killing and presents a theoretical method to how these techniques may have been used and trained. Again, we do not condone the use of any of these methods- this is for educational purposes only.

      Module 12: Quick Killing and Finishing Techniques includes:

      Gouges, Bites and Grabs
      1. Reverse Japanese Strangle and Eye Gouge with stomps and knees
      2. Reverse Japanese Strangle and Bite with stomps and knees

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      Yesterday I finally received modules 5-12. I decided to take advantage of your special offer and get the rest of the modules in one large shipment. When I got them, I couldn’t resist and had to view what was in module 12.

      All I can say now is that I’m taking my hat off for your training partner. The guy had a look on his face like he wanted to quit halfway through the taping, but he stuck with it. (I know I would have felt like quitting halfway through the filming though! :wink:” title=”Wink” /> )

      Anyway one question I do have is that in many Hollywood films there is a scene where someone is either in a fight or walks up behind somebody else and violently snaps or cranks the head to one side or another (sometimes turning it all the way around) ending the fight. Is there even a hint of truth to that or is the human body simply too tough and it is another Hollywood myth?

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      Pete and Roger who both helped with the filming are really great, long time friends and training partners and yes, kudos to them.

      In response to the question…not really. Anything is possible, but the idea of quick snapping a neck when walking up behind a grown man is unlikely.

      Now if you were extremely strong and fast and he was particularly weak, then yes you could twist the neck to dislocate it…but it is damn near impossible.

      The best way is after they have been incapacitated with a strangle and you can apply leverage while using their body weight like you see in the module.

      The actual strangle only allows you to operate against the target with 0 resistance. Then you have three choices, finish him with strikes or a weapon, keep strangling until he suffocates or dislocate his neck.

      However, snapping a neck does look good on screen!

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      Damian you’re a scary dude lol.

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      I finally watched Module 12. I’ve avoided doing so to focus on the basics of the system which from what Sensei Ross has mentioned in earlier modules was essential to set up the more advanced techniques.

      I was incredibly impressed at how well the strangles were taught. From past experience the little extras that make the technique good from just being workable are normally excluded by martial arts teachers. From what you are shown it takes something that can be difficult to learn and apply and actually makes it accessible to the serious student.

      It has certainly made me feel that these are now a workable part of my repertoire (at least once I have undertaken some training with the drills :D ).

      Thank you, Sensei Ross!

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      Let me just add…If you have never been on the recieving or applying end of a neck/head dislocation..you must experience both to really understand what is really happening. You are literally feeling the head seperate from the cervical spine. You must practice recieving and adminstering this technique. WITH EXTREME CAUTION. I recommend you attend a seminar that includes this at the training center with Damian and his staff. There is nothing that can compare to this type of training. As far as applying it on someone? Realize whether training or for real you have ultimate power in your hands.
      Oooooh WHAT A RUSH!!!
      Train The Way You Fight

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      Dan, you’re right..

      The first time I saw the dislocation I never imagined a head being separated
      like a bottle cap or a dandelion. It was a little unnerving, especially when it’s applied to you. While a neck crank will send a sharp pain immediately, the dislocations provide pressure until you’re like “Oh, that’s going to be really bad”.

      The dislocation is disturbing and if you’re teaching it, make sure it’s t people who have been around for a while, you may scare the crap out of the newbies.

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      Roger that, Damian

      My current student is in Module 8, we have discussed the more “disturbing techniques” and they are disturbing. We both understand the risk and these techniques are not to be taken lightly. These are killing techniques, and I hope and pray I never have to use them.
      But they are in my tool box.
      And just to clarify my “Ooooh what a rush” statement, it is a rush just knowing that you really do hold someones life in your hands, it is very empowering and humbling at the same time. I didn’t mean to come off so kill happy.


      Plan to see you in June !

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      I knew that’s what you meant. And yes, chances are you’ll never ever use them. But the advantage to having a nuclear weapon is knowing you have it.

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      I’ve always been curious, is there a technique in this module that, without a doubt, will kill someone

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      There’s techniques in module 1 that will. But in short…all of them, hence the name of the module.

      When you see it, it’s pretty obvious.

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      Thanks Damien, Also I was wondering, is it more dangerous to break a neck or dislocate it? I know both can kill and are extremely dangerous, but will a neck dislocation kill everytime or could he just end up a quadrapeligic?

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      Both would pretty much suck. That’s like what’s worse, falling off a bridge or a building.

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      Lol, thx. By the way i saw u on Penn teller the other day, it seems they couldn’t spend more than 5 min. W/ u since they couldn’t find a way to call u bullshit oh well like u say that’s entertainment.

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      Thanks and yes, I think they were expecting something else.

      BTW a few guys started posting on their message board: https://www.sho.com/site/message/boards.do?groupid=7

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      i just read your post and i have to say your absolutely right. you definetly did your homework before u started this company.i wouldve posted something on the site but it wouldn’t let me register, oh well. thx for ansewring my some what stupid questions and sharing your time, it’s good to know there’s still people like you out there who aren’t bullshit.

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      No problem. Thanks for coming on board.

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