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Quesion on whether you need a training partner to train?

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      I was looking at the modules and was interested in ordering but I am not sure whether you will be able to train from them without a training partner? You have mentioned that it is not required but will you be able to truly master self defense from your modules if you practice alone from your modules? I actually have a heavy bag but not a human dummy.

      Can you let me know, I did email you but have not gotten any responce.

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      Thanks for asking and yes, just like the sign says, you do not need a partner. In most cases THEY WILL IMPEDE YOUR TRAINING.

      The dummy is good, but the SDTS uses EITHER the DUMMY or a HEAVY BAG. Both will work. The dummy gives you the advantage of multiple surface areas, but it is not needed. In 1989 all we had were heavy bags, bricks, makiwaras (punching boards) and pads.

      Look at it this way, Self Defense Training System is like learning to use a firearm. See target, shoot target. See target, attack target. The variables are distance. position and environment.

      Martial arts and Combat Sports REQUIRE a partner, it depends on technique and position in a controlled environment- it is a game, no matter how painful it is, it is just a game.

      In real world conditions, you need to attack the target as fast and as ruthless as possible, then once you have the situation under control- YOU CHOOSE to back off, after he his no longer a threat.

      When you decide to attack you MUST do it immediately and with out reservation.
      When you strike you must strike full force
      When you move it must be with INTENT, taking ground and keeping your target off balance.

      Partners cause you to
      Pull your techniques which leads to NO POWER when your faced with a human target
      Stop strangling too soon. People usually tap because they were uncomfortable, not because they are passing out. The SDTS knock outs from strangles take less than 3 seconds to full lights out- you can only achieve that by using the BRICK (we show you how to make that in Module 1)

      When I learned this and when I teach this- it’s %90 without a partner. In order to develop real speed ad power, you must go FULL BORE, 100% all out. It corrects a lot of mistakes and gives you the confidence you want in your method.

      You’re hands will be sore, but at least you’ll have a good idea about what it takes to really hit something.

      It’s not sparring, it’s not grappling, think of it as MMA for the street, without any rules and doing whatever will give you the tactical edge. The only way to train that state of mind is to be aggressive. The only way to develop that is to train at full force. Something you can’t do with a partner.

      The down side is, if your friends start playing with you and you react, you may have a few bruised egos. It’s not that you’ll be out of control, but you will be used to hitting hard…REAL HARD.

      Partners are good for developing grappling skills. But that is only for conditioning, getting used to the close contact and of course, the position.

      BUT IT IS NOT NECESSARY. Once you start in the SDTS, you;ll see what we mean,

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      How about stretching routine, is this included in your module 1?

      Also how long does it take to ship to NY?

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      Stretching…..we do full pt routines in module 7 but….for this type of training…not entirely needed n the beginning.

      Here’s the deal on stretching, the most important thing you can do is raise your body temp and warm up.

      The training will get you up to temp in the first 5 minutes. Stretching was deliberately left out of the primary training modules (1 to 5) for one reason and one BIG reason. When your faced with a situation, you will not have time to stretch.

      Adrenaline will get you where you need to be. So it’s important to “hit cold”.

      The methods in the SDTS are primary, core techniques and don’t require a huge range of motion. That being said, if you feel compelled: jump rope for five minutes or jumping jacks and your good to go. In module 7 you start with the physical training and the exercises along with the short warm up segment stretch you out and get you stronger and more to the point explosive.

      In high school sports in the 80’s and in martial arts still to this day a lot of emphasis was pt on stretching. I remember trainers of the day had us stretching for 30 minutes!!! But when I wrestled at Lehigh, “stretching” consisted of we jogging for about 5 minutes, some really basic stretches and then got into the session. It was a total of 10 minutes. Most of it was guys just doing something to mentally prepare for the 2 hours of hell we referred to as practice.

      Also, those guys who did all of those wonderful splits and feats of flexibility in their 20s and 30s were getting hips replaced in their 50s!

      The SDTS, every facet of it, has purpose in design.

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      Ok, I placed an order for module 1 yesterday. What I wanted to know is from where the product is sent out from NJ? I tried calling the number listed on the site to find out when approximately the product will come and the representative was not sure really or really sure from which state it is coming from, I was told California and then Pennsylvania. I am located in NY. Let me know.

      My order number is THF63608548

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      It ships priority mail from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

      Welcome to the team.

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      Damian wrote:
      It ships priority mail from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

      Welcome to the team.[/quote:2j4q8b75]

      Do you provide a tracking number when product is sent out?

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      We will be able to see when it was delivered to your post office. We did this to keep costs down.

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      Ok, so approximately in how many days should I receive the product. I am located in NY.

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      3 to 5 Days this time of year.

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      Damian wrote:
      We will be able to see when it was delivered to your post office. We did this to keep costs down.[/quote:azmyfl5c]

      Can you check my order number THF63608548 and tell me if it was delivered to my post office then yet.

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      Toll Free 866-585-8878 or email customerservice@theselfdefenseco.com

      They will be able to track it faster.


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