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      Sorry if this is bad form but it did say to ask questions in the forum on the page I was just on.

      With the free trial offer thingo, if I partake and then decide I’m keen for a crack at the rest, do I have to pay the entire sum for the remaining modules or do I get shipped the next module and pay in monthly increments?

      Increments would be best idea, I’m thinking (because I’m more broke than humpty dumpty’s rectum).

      Again, sorry if this is out of order and not the done thing :(

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      well, that cleared that up. AWESOME!

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      You can receive them month to month or you can buy the remaining modules any time.

      You pay shipping review the module for 30 days and than you’re charged for it and the next one is promptly shipped out to you and you begin the next 30 days. Cancel any time, but most people don’t. Also we work with people. Some customers receive modules every two months or even every three. One customer put things on hold while he took an overseas assignment while another bought it all at once to save on shipping.

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      Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.

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