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      Hi Damian. I asked a series of questions before on this thread a few months back. I also read that the prices are going to raise soon and the free trial think will soon end.

      1. When is the exact date the free trial will end?

      2. Also, I am currently in China. Now if I were to order the DVD’s now while they’re still $97, how long will it take to ship them out to China?

      3. And have you ever shipped these DVD’s and other items out to China before? If so, did the Chinese security customs ever have a problem if they were to be shipped in?

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      1. Probably in the next month or two.
      2. Yes we do, if you select Priority International it usually take 6 to 10 days.
      If you choose fed ex economy the time is less.
      3. We ship to China, South Africa, South America. Our Fulfillment team ships thousands of packages all over the world every month so they no how to label cetian items. The modules are shipped in nondescript envelops so they don’t arouse suspicion or look attractive.

      Remember, if time in transit becomes an issue, customer service can extend your time between modules. All you have to do is send them an email and its done.

      The course is completley customizable.


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      Hi Damian. I just ordered the entire 12 modules and can’t wait to view them.

      I selected the shipping method Fed Ex International Economy (Residential). My shipping address is in China. How many days would you anticipate that it should take (from August 1) to arrive?

      Just asking due to the fact I just can’t wait to learn “what every Martial Artist” doesn’t know.

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      I can’t don’t know for sure. The best thing to do is contact Sue in customer serevice at attn SUE shipping question.

      Thanks for coming on board.

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