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      Hi Sensei Ross,

      I am just about to invest in a Century BOB training dummy and had a question. I noticed you are using the Standard Dummy in the training videos. Century also do an ‘XL’ version which has a groin area for knee strikes/kicks.

      I think this ‘XL’ version might be the better option since then my knee strikes won’t be hitting thin air. On the 6 foot Thai bag I use presently I currently put my knee shots in hard when working combinations.

      I just wondered if there was a reason you use the standard BOB on the training video? I ask because I am sure I spotted an ‘XL’ BOB dummy in the background. I just wondered if I am missing something?



      PS: I am really enjoying the training. I intend to continue on the monthly contract because a module received on a monthly basis does freshen up your training. However, hopefully by August I also intend to buy the entire 12 modules in one purchase. I guess you could say I like it so much I am prepared to buy it twice!
      :D :D :D

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      The dummy I use4 is actually a spar pro. To the best of my knowledge, the BOB wasn’t popular at the time when I purchased it in 2001.

      I picked up the BOB later. The one I use was designed to be hung like a heavy bag. It had some bungee cords and chains to mount it. Unfortunately when you hit it it bounced all over the place so it was a little useless.

      The BOB does the trick. It gives you the surface areas you need plus it can be take off the stand for ground work.


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      Unfortunately you can’t get a Spar Pro Dummy here and that would have been my first choice. I even tried ebay!

      I will check out a boxing store that I know stocks Dummies next week and if they don’t have the Spar Pro then I will get the BOB. I might just get the Standard size one and leave impact conditioning of the knees for the 6 foot Thai Bag.

      The only problem I see with the XL BOB is that great it had a lower torso for knee strikes but once you start hitting a real opponent his lower torso does not “react” in the same way as an XL BOB. I think having an open space where I can fire my knees in will stop me from programming in incorrect knee strikes.

      The old adage that you perform as you train comes to mind…



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      If you have the time, we put together a dummy dolly called the rack.

      It gives you some movement out of your dummy and ads a little more realism to your training.

      I posted it on the blog here:

      https://martial-arts-self-defense.blogsp … -results=7

      If it doesn’t come up, just look for the post entitled “The Rack”

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      Thank you for the advice. I will have a think about the “rack”.


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      I incorporate BOB extensively into my training and have come across the same challenge…this was my solution. I use my Thai pad and either had my training partner stand behind BOB and hold the pad below his waist (BOBs) or I simply affix the Thai pad below BOB’s waist using tape or rope. Seems to do the trick. Hope this helps!


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      A Thai pad seems to be an ideal solution! Thank you for that suggestion, Sir!



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