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      I’m a sucker for quotes. Anyone how has trained with me (or even the SDTS) has heard more than a few.

      One of my favorites is from The Outlaw Jose Wales

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      And he damn sure did’nt mention anything about a proper kung-fu technique…cause if you can’t get your head in that mode, it don’t matter.

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      I was momentarily surprised to see this quote because it’s also one of my favorites and one I have routinely quoted. I love this quote because it sums up the essence of overcoming any adversity.

      When I get sick I get mean. My body does not have my permission to become ill, and I let it know.

      This can apply to anything in addition to unleashing Armageddon on the evil doer.

      This quote ought to be included in the SDC course.

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      My favorite quote if I remember right comes from the book “Trading for a Living” and can easily be applied to the martial arts:

      “There are few things more tragic in life than when a beautiful theory is murdered by a gang of brutal facts.”

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      Come back with your shield or on it.

      This is what Spartan wives used to say to their sons and husbands when they went to war.

      In the phalanx formation the shield was used to protect the guy to your tight. In training, they never were too far from their shield. If you ever lost your shield, your effectiveness as a soldier was about zero.

      So if you showed up home without your shield, well you have some explaining to do.

      The other half of the saying is obvious. The dead were carried home on their shields.


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      Stop me if you’ve heard this one…..

      “There is no such thing as [i:2c1o37cn]tough,[/i:2c1o37cn] only trained or untrained.”

      Can we get an [i:2c1o37cn]amen?[/i:2c1o37cn] I think it’s from Man On Fire.

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      Toughness is the ability to withstand distraction.

      Fear is a distraction. Pain is a distraction. Fatigue is a distraction.

      Toughness is a measure of character, and fear, pain, and fatigue are the three tests of character. Honesty and discipline are the two building blocks of character.

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      You know what’s wrong with karate Jerry? It’s based on the ridiculous assumption that the other guy will fight fair. – Jim Rockford

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      Rob, that is great. :D” title=”Laughing” />

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      Couple from Burn Notice. Can’t find the one I originally wanted about getting out of a choke hold, but these are good, too,

      30 years of karate. Combat experience on five continents. A rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. Still haven’t found any defense to Mom crying into my shirt.- Michael Weston.

      There are some fights you just can’t win. A force can be so overwhelming that no tactical approach in a fight is going to lead to a victory worth having. When you can’t win in a fight, sometimes you have to settle for making sure that if you lose, everyone loses. It works for nuclear weapons; it works for me. Michael Weston.

      One of the hardest things to do in a fight is to make it look like you’re trying to kill someone without doing any permanent damage. They don’t teach any half-moves in combat training. There are moves designed to kill and maim as efficiently as possible. If those are off limits, one option is open your fist right before a punch lands. Painful, but the force is distributed. Another showy option is a kick to the shoulder. You might break a rib or two; but if you aim right, nobody is going to the morgue. Michael Weston.

      In a fight, you have to be careful not to break the little bones in your hand on someone’s face. That’s why I like bathrooms… lots of hard surfaces. Michael Weston.

      It doesn’t matter how much training you have; a broken rib is a broken rib. Michael Weston.

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      Just a bit of silliness, this…anyone remember that Flinstones cartoon episode where they learn judo and go around using the vertical edge of hand strike?…..[i:laz5wfhw]”Judo, a-chop-chop-CHOP!”[/i:laz5wfhw]

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      Mr. Ross,

      Thanks for the research! This video also demonstartes evasion techniques in confined spaces as well (the cave). Now I must concentrate extra hard when training in order to not collapse laughing, thinking about Fred and Barney. You made my day. LOL w/incontinence!!

      Looking forward to next month’s lesson….

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      It also shows how important it is to keep your stamina up in case you’re in an environment that repeats itself endlessly.

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      My favorites…..

      By Fulcher of Chartres

      * Many of the common people in the armies were desolate, fearing future poverty; and so they sold their bows and the cowards returned to their own homes.

      By Bernard of Clairvaux

      * God has aroused the spirit of kings and princes to root up from the earth the enemies of the Christian name.
      * Therefore gird yourselves manfully and take up joyful arms for the name of Christ.

      By Niccol

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      Great Bill, that will keep us busy for a while…

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      [i:q9ub1raj]”Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death shall I fear no evil….for I am the EVILEST son-of-a-b**ch in that valley!”[/i:q9ub1raj] :twisted:

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      [quote:3lpykgap]Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

      Psalm 23:4 KJV

      The thing that strikes me about this verse is that it speaks not of death but of the *shadow* of death. Anyone who operates in harm’s way operates in the shadow of death.

      But shadows have no power. They are not to be feared. That’s what I take from this verse, and that’s what I find encouraging about it. It does not concede any power to death or any reason to fear it. Quite the opposite, it describes a shadow; an illusion, a myth.

      The rod and the staff speak of discipline and leadership. This describes how to operate in the valley of the shadow of death. Fear is a mindset that gives power to things which have no power.

      In the valley of the shadow of death it is important to have a disciplined mind that an retain a single-minded focus. This focus must be on a higher purpose. By acknowledging a higher authority, you are acknowledging a power greater than death and greater than fear.

      The rod and the staff comfort me because I know I am right, and I know my cause is honorable and, therefore, I have nothing to fear.

      The shadow of death implies the shadow of an enemy. But this enemy is not to be feared. I am disciplined and focused, serving a higher cause, and I will destroy this enemy.

      The further implication is that if the enemy is but a shadow then the enemy does not stand a chance.

      “for thou art with me” obviously means that God is with me. God can only be with me if my cause is just.

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      The Most famous quote and they should have headed this.
      Taken from a copy of the original from the written records of CHARLES PICKNEY of South Carolina, of the PROCEEDINGS during the drafting of the United States Constitution at the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in 1789 re: THE STATEMENT OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN at the CONVENTION CONCERNING JEWISH IMMIGRATION.

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      This is not the place for that type of rhetoric. Just because it’s old, doesn’t make it correct.

      Personally, I don’t give a flying shit what you look like or who you thank for dinner. A long as you get your ass in the grass with the rest of us.

      So your welcome to stay, but take that racist bullshit someplace else.


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      Taken from a copy of the original from the written records of CHARLES PICKNEY of South Carolina, of the PROCEEDINGS during the drafting of the United States Constitution at the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in 1789 re: THE STATEMENT OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN at the CONVENTION CONCERNING JEWISH IMMIGRATION.

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      He who is educated by the Jew learns the Jews are right and everyone else is wrong—Me SLB

      When facing the Jew you see a meek pathetic bastard, then you turn around and he becomes the Grim Reaper–Me SLB

      We call the boys who fight in wars brave, but in reality they are just ignorant, poor bastards—Me SLB

      wherever you find the Jews in great numbers you see nothing but ruins
      —Me SLB

      Those who don’t know about history are doomed to repeat it. This pleases the Jew greatly—Me SLB

      The Jews have been blamed for wars, Christian ritual murder, depressions, perversion and the destruction of western civilization and the Jews don’t want you to know this—Me SLB

      Tell a karate guy the truth about history and he’ll deny it, but a good swift kick in the nuts and he’ll be ready to discuss it—Me SLB

      You want to piss off a Jew just call him a Jew—Me SLB

      Three things the Jew likes in the Goyim truth, honesty and trust—Me SLB

      You wonder why Jews are evil if you were short, ugly, hooked nose, with kinky hair you’d be pissed too—Me SLB

      When a country is devoid of Jews it thrives and wherever you find the Jews in high numbers everything is rotten and stinks—Me SLB

      When all you know about is karate all your problems start to look like a pair of low hanging nuts—Me SLB

      You try to love everyone, but the Jew has a face only a mother could love—Me SLB

      The Jews are innocent and have never done anything wrong and if you don’t believe just ask them—Me SLB

      The Jews are the richest humans in the world, but the Jews say it’s a lie and many agree they aren’t human—Me SLB

      I’ll have more later

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      If you are a casual visitor of this forum,

      It seems that in the last couple of days a couple of really disturbed individuals, namely a Mr. Kickenasstakennames and a Mr. Patriot 9878, have seen fit to leave bigoted, anti-semitic posts.

      I post occasionally here, and read other entries as well, and I can say that these two clowns do not represent the regular participants in this forum. And I can also say with certainty that these two assholes do not represent the views of the Self Defense Company, and I am not affiliated with them.

      Such is the nature of the internet that anyone can log on and type whatever the hell they want, however deranged and delusional.

      I can tell you personally, that I couldn’t support Israel and the Jews more if they were my own family members – which, in a way they are, since they gave me my faith, and they gave me the Bible. In fact, I admire the Israelis a lot, and I find them to be an inspiration both historically and presently.

      I’ve noticed a notable increase in public expressions of anti-semitism, from Helen Thomas to the foreign policy of the Obama administration, and these two are just another symptom of this incredible mental illness.

      It seems to me that hating and targeting the Jews is more than a bit cowardly. They are such a tiny minority, and live in a country of 7.4 million or so people (76.4% of whom are Jewish), in a country slightly smaller than New Jersey. They have threatened to exterminate no one, they do not have visions of conquest and world domination, yet they are confronted with these threats on a daily basis.

      I love the Israelis because you talk about the underdog and the small guy – these guys really inspire me! They’ve been repeatedly attacked by invasion forces and are still here kickin ass.

      You know, opposing the Israelis ain’t the best path to take because these guys win, and they are destined to Prevail. And my Christian faith makes my support of and defense of Israel a moral duty. If God has made one thing clear it’s the fact that He’s not going to let these guys go down. He saw fit to distribute to the world a liberating book of Truth called the Bible through the Jews, and for that we owe them a debt of gratitude.

      So when you hear the filth spewed by anti-semites, understand one thing: these nutjobs aren’t just losers in a figurative sense, but they are losers in a literal sense.

      Israel and the Jews ain’t goin anywhere. Better come to grips with that or do us all a favor and go tenderly embrace a bridge abutment at 100 mph.

      Now get the hell out of here.

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      ” Ambition is a dream with a V-8 engine.” Elvis

      ” All knowledge is Self Knowledge.” Bruce Lee

      ” If you think you can do a thing or you think you cant you are right” Henry Ford

      ” Sucess is 90 percent hard work and 10 percent skill.” Thomas Edison

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