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      I hate the UFC. As entertaining as the UFC is I hate that shit like you wouldn’t believe. All MMA does is provide good entertainment but when the shit hits the fan. MMA will get your ass stomped. I train solely in the SDTS and would damn well bet my life on it if I was in a real hella-f%*ked situtation. Anyone who disagress is retarded and will certainly be the first person to get FUBAR’d in the street. I keep training simple and highly effective. Striking sponge-wrapped ductape bricks, cinderblocks and makiwaras. Then it’s full-bore blows to the heavy bag and bob. Chinjabs, axe hand blows, web of hand blows, tigerclaws, elbows, headbtus, eye gouges, ear boxes, knees, stomps, hooks, and straight blasts right to the snot box. I’d wreck any UFC fighter in a heartbeat and god knows I’d love nothing more than to do so. Those faggots.

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      In 2006 a UFC fighter (who thinks he’s the shit) Urijah Faber was vacationing in Indonesia when he was literally almost killed in a streetfight. That was the only fight where he cried like a bitch for his life! Read it here…and laugh…I did. LMFAO!

      https://www.mensfitness.com/sports_and_r … hletes/100

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      Thanks for the article, it was interesting to read.
      I would say by your message though that you have alot of anger issues dude.
      I personally know of an MMA fighter that once successfully defended himself against 3 attackers.
      Now I’m not saying that MMA is the most effective means of self defense, what I’m saying is that you can’t say it isn’t effective or that these tough athletes are anything but tough.

      Remember, the self defense system was conceived of for self defense.

      People who go around looking to prove something eventually end up in trouble, and that isn’t self defense.

      Develop your skills yes, but I think critical thinking skills should be taught alongside self defense.

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