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      Good day sir,

      You know its a funny thing, it sometimes seems that the more we learn about violence and self-defense the less we know or forget.

      As such your self-defense DVD’s have reminded me just how good some of the military and government training was that I got back in the day.

      Since I am a BIG believer in the idea that most civilians need threat stimulus training in order to create useable and positive experiences that can be recalled in moment of survival crisis your DVD’s have brought back much of what we learned in the old days in the military and other various training.

      As such I have been doing a small video series on my site dealing with gross motor skill techniques with multiple use’s. The video I am giving you the heads up on is about one and half weeks away from its release date.

      But in it you will see/horizontal short edge, horizontal long edge, chin jab & gouge and a knee used in a multiple opponent drill and scenario. My point is giving credit where credit is due. In this case since you brought those techniques back to the fore front of my consciousness you and you site are mentioned and there will be a back linked supplied to your front page.

      As a small time practitioner I do an average visit number of about 84 a day so you still should get some hits from it and hopefully more business and student via mail order.

      Any way I’ll give you the heads up on the release date and keep it going sir just keep it going. There is a reason that the old ways were the best ways – ” Because they were the simplest.

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      Thank you Johnny. Please feel free to use any content on youtube or any articles.

      Also, if you wish to post any articles send them to ATTN: BILL

      We’ll put them in the system and the resource site that will go out to thousands of sites. This will also generate traffic for you as well.

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      Done Deal Sir,

      Thanks, actually got tons of stuff but I kind of protect it against those dang, rip you off and say it is theirs pirates that roam around in the internet universe.

      But if it within your system it all good… and can always use the traffic especially once the membership site finally get completed.

      I’ll more than likely continue to roam around the forum a bit and just keep getting the feel for a while though, ya know what I mean?

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      Amen to that.

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