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      Good day to you sir,

      Just purchased your program today. I am an ex-military, current survival skill and recognition and response instructor with a back round in Muay Boran, Le Drit, Bare Knuckle Boxing and Kajukenbo (back in the good old days – not todays version).

      I am looking forward to your program and I hope it will add something to my knowledge base as well as my program; “I’m sure it will.

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      Welcome and thank you.

      The good old days…when there weren’t a lot of options so you had to take what you were given.

      Where are you teaching?


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      To of the day to you sir,

      No actual the good old days being when Habuna and Professor E were still with us and before it became main stream but oh well I guess they call that progress.

      As for instruction I own a little (and small) backwoods operation in San Jose, CA.

      While I got you here though I do have a simple question; About how long does it take first class mail to get from PA to CA?

      Kind of interested in viewing the material…

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      about 3 to 5 business days. If there are ANY problems, contact Bill in customer service. We really keep a tight leash on CS.

      Please post about goings on with your program. This community is built on small, well informed training groups.


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      Thanks for the 411 sir, I am interested in see how some of your stuff integrates with the bare knuckle and ledrit I use in my program. Will definitely keep a running post if your interested – if your so inclined you can also go to my site, in it’s present state it is pure information and video but just like everything that is due to change soon. The link is in the signature.

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      I like the clip with the bands. I use them as part of power development as well, attached to the wall behind me. All good stuff. The Dempsey tribute is excellent.

      BTW, great set up. Did you know we are having a contest “Where’s Your Dojo?” The best 1 minute video submission gets $1,000. We’re going to post the details in July.

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      Thanks for the compliment, appreciated. Try to keep it as real and dirty as possible. The video contest will be cool (1000 smakers is a 1000 smakers) but WOW only 60 seconds, that’s a challenge.

      Anyway looking forward to your program

      Best of the Best to you
      We’ll definitely keep ya posted.

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