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      Hey guys,

      Just giving everyone the heads up, I took one of Mr.Ross’s post from his free online self-defense lessons (#16 How To Make the Edge Of hand A Deadly Weapon) and ran with it – expanded it, through video and post.

      In context I did not follow the exact same train of thought as you did sir, just added my twist from personal experience.

      Both video and post turned out pretty darn good -everyone should enjoy them.

      I can tell you one thing for certain, my back round as a muay thai and bare knuckler is probably gonna get me some flax on this one. But everything in the video is fact.

      And as I tell some of my instructors friend “if you can’t check your ego at the door, drop the self-defense instructor tag from your bio and your card and call yourself a martial artist or combat sport coach.”

      The students ability to protect themselves must always be at the forefront of our thought process.

      Anyway just giving everybody the heads up – go on over and check it out – sure you’ll enjoy it.

      And before I go sir, I am interested in certification process you guys have for this system where will I find information on schedule and testing and cost???

      Johnny G.

      P.S. Link is in the signature tag also…

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      Hey John,

      Great stuff. The other thing I should mention is you can’t replace years of conditioning and experience. You’re going to do what you’re going to do.

      I can’t tell a lifelong wrestler to STOP wrestling, what I can do is help him implement the correct tools and tactics to make his skill set work in the self defense application.

      BTW. I love a right cross (in module 6 you’ll see this) but it literally took years to develop.

      I must add, I really dig the OK coral training center…awesome.

      For the instructor info go to and fill out the on line form and Mike will reach out to you ASAP.


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      Thanks Sir,

      Yes I totally agree with you as a bare knuckler and Muay Thai practitioner I slip up at least a few times a training session and throw a street lead or shovel hook and yes established neural motor programs are definitely a bear to break.

      There is totally room for punching in self-defense/personal protection. The main point of the post is to get people to understand the simple power of the “edge”. The fact that it fulfills so many different needs in the arena of self-defense does indeed make it a primary weapon in ones arsenal

      Again thanks for the compliment.

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      We just finished up filming Guardian Defensive Tactics and the LEO’s involved were amazed at how simple it is.

      The question I always get is whats the fastest way to knock someone out. The answer is edge of hand to the side or the back of the neck. If you need to get some one under control in a hurry, that’s the ticket.

      In the video you will see these guys were literally ROCKING each others worlds with the edge of hand and the hand yoke.

      We did some pretty nasty come-alongs where you literally seize the target in the back of the neck with the hand yoke and carry him along. The problem was that the subject’s knees would buckle even at the slightest use of force :D” title=”Laughing” />.


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      Yes Sir,

      The yoke is another great tool and although I have done come-a-longs on occasion with an oft-hand neck grab, to be honest I never thought of as the yoke (just goes to show you – a rose by any other name is still a rose).

      Can’t wait for #3 to see how close SDTS’s ground techniques are to what I learned in the military back in the day. I’m betting their gonna be pretty close.

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      can teh edge of hand blow become effective from the averager person without the hand conditioning part. My hands are somehwat conditioned from repeatedly striking bob and that solid piece of oak I have. Could the edge of hand also be used with the fingers curled in so the tips of my fingers contact the top of my palm, to decrease the likelyhood of injuring a finger? Just a thought.

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      You got it. The training in itself is hand conditioning.

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