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      What’s the take on this type of training?

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      We use the Redman Suit (you will too). The mthod of training Bill Kipp uses ia based arouns this training device. It forces people to attack and keep attacking.

      The problem is, the head is so large- it is unrealistic in smoe ways: but that IS THE TRADE OFF. You can hit the Bullet head with a great deal of force.

      The Redman suit provides a lot more mobility and more accurte striking surfaces, but to hit it full force would injure the person in the suit. (Give me a few more months to modify it).

      The article addresses some of the martial arts myths that we know not to be true. It reminded me of the time I was in a TKD tournament and I over heard and “expert” saying “why would you hit the head when the body has so many BETTER targets”. Again, another mislead grass hopper.

      As far as time duration during a fight- that’s true. Personally the longest fight I remember was an all out bar brawl at a fraternity at Gettysburg College. It was a series of fights that lasted about 10 minutes (I’m guessing because of police response time). It consisted of fighting for spurts, getting your buddy out of trouble and breaking contact.

      The other altercations happened in seconds and it was al about who you got the drop on. There’s a situation and then you go.

      The Bulletman I beilve was Developed by Peyton Quinn. A former NJ resident and bouncer. To date I know he had some training in Karate from non other than my sensei Yoshisada Yonezuka. But he only received he rank of Green Belt in Shitoryu Karate as a youth. Regardeless, he has some good ideas and the creation of the Bulletman was one of the first reality self defense tools. He saw a need and he filled it.

      On that note, you would be suprised at some of the “training” most of the reality martial arts experts have actually had.

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