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      The idea of the lone martial artist standing there facing a knife weilding attacker with nothing between you and him and the air you breathe.

      Nonsense. No one just stands there (unless your frozen with fear- a completely normal reaction). One thing people do is move away and use the environment to cause the attacker to trip up. A kitchen table, a chair, a car or a telephone pole will do the trick.

      When you practice, place some obects around your training area (or simply practice in your home or outside). All you ned to to is get used to moving about. Practicing this, evn just a little wil train you to do it if you’re in this situation.

      Other options:
      Using pepper pray
      Using a chair, stool or garbage can

      All of these methods are detailed in Module 8 along with easy ways to practice them. Believe me, when your faced with this situation you WILL not remain calm. You’ve got bout 30 to 60 seconds of adrenaline to get the job done.

      Self Defense is not a moral issue, it’s a tactical issue. We hope you seek peacful solutions, but sometimes whether it’s your job or you just don’t have a choice, you need to take action.

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