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Reality training.

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      As our credo states “Train Honestly”. I just read an excellent article on just that. Here are a few ideas I got for reading it to apply in our training.
      This article was about fighting thru an injury while in a fight. We all know we can be hurt during an altercation, say we hurt our foot, ok the option I found to train for that was to put a rock in one of your shoes so naturally you will favor the other foot an train to fight thru that injury. Another good idea was to use an eye patch and cover one eye then go hit bob or with your training partner. You could also restrain an arm to act as if it was injured and fight one handed. And then for training as if you got hit and your dazed and dizzy, grab a bat put one end on the ground and spin around it get dizzy go train.
      These are just different ways that we can keep our training honest and kinda know how to react in those situations. What are you guys thoughts on this?

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      I like the idea Archie. I would focus on immobilization and not pain.

      With adrenaline, you’re not going to feel it. But if you’re collar bone were broken you’re arm would be useless.

      That’s why it’s also important to train when you’re injured. See what you can do and make adjustments.

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      Dallas Williams

      Yeah great ideas Archie we need to train to still be able to function in a wide variety of conditions and ailments or injuries that could possibly occur during an altercation. This is another reason I love outdoor SDTS training even in hot, cold, rainy, snowy, icy, etc. weather is you never know where an attack might happen more often then not outdoors in a parking lot as opposed to the comfort of the indoors a carpet floor, room temperature, etc. Also I’ve been practically raised since childhood in the outdoors like being taken on many hunting and fishing trips with dad so aside from my weight training which I do at the gym everything else I prefer and enjoy to do more outdoors when possible. For instance as you pointed out in one youtube winter video it’s a lot more difficult to fight and maintain your footing on icy ground than dry ground so we better train and prepare for when the time comes we may need it :) ! Either train honestly and realisticly or go home lol.

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      I tried a few things last night and I liked it. Dallas I message you on Facebook that I did 60 minutes of fun and well it was. Haha. I took my belt and restrained both arms one at a time and then both at the same time and went at it. It’s interesting to say the least when you have to fight with an “injury”. Glad I found that little short article. Just give a few more ideas to train with. I didn’t do the rock in the shoe idea but it did the arm an leg restraints and being dizzy. Now that one took the cake, made myself dizzy then tried to attack the wave master. Let’s say I should have recorded that I couldn’t stay straight to save my life. It was too funny.

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      Dallas Williams

      See that’s another thing I don’t like about TFT is their belief that once you’re injured you’re pretty much doomed for the rest of the fight. While it’s true we want to avoid getting injured at all cost and don’t want to have to fight with a broken arm or leg or difficulty breathing after a broken nose or disoriented from a blow to the head, it still very well can happen so it’s better to train for that and be prepared to deal with least optimal conditions than just assume you’re never gonna get hurt or take the defeatist attitude well if I get injured that bad I’m fucked anyway so why bother. Even if you don’t have use or full use of one of your limbs you’ve still got three others so make the best of what you’ve got.

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