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      Forgive me for asking such a simple question, but to me it isn’t so simple. I’m 46, a US Army Veteran, and have permanent disabilities that prevent me from doing most exercises. I’m currently about 40-50 pounds overweight. How would you recommend I go about getting in good enough shape to do the training to become proficient in self-defense?

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      Not to get all “Kung Fu” but a thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

      Just start.

      Most people are in your position, a little injured, out of shape, but that doesn’t mean you have to be passive and sit back.

      The only thing I will say is BE PATIENT. The mind wants a lot more than what the body can give ALWAYS. You are going to want to go gung ho, and in the begining you will. In the first few weeks you will go crazy. Then after the newness wears off you will slow down. THAT’S OK.

      The trick is to set aside the time. Even if you just sit there and do nothing. Make sure 2 times a week for 1/2 hour is your time to practice.

      Here’s another secret… EVERYONE goes trough this. Olympians, professional athletes, ME. It’s not everyday I feel like working out. In fact a lot of times I don’t. The difference is that I force myself to do it.

      It starts by getting geting changed. I run a lot, but I hate it. So I don’t think about running, I just put my shoes on. Then I take the next step and I go outside. Then I think, well hell, I’m outside, I might as well start.

      There’s a story about hand to hand combat legend W.E. Fairnbairn. He was asked in an interview “what would you do if you heard someone breaking into your house in the middle of the night?” His answer was simple.

      “Put my feet on the floor.”

      So in answer to your question: just start. It never is the perfect time, it never will be. Training is about consistency over time.


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