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Remembering 9-11

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      12 years ago already and it still hurts.

      When I drive down the highway and I see the NYC skyline I’m reminded.

      When I see the widows of my kids classmates I’m reminded.

      When I think of the close calls and see friends who I lost contact with that day, I’m reminded.

      When I see the gravestones, rows and rows of grave stones in the cemetery where my father is buried, I’m reminded.

      Life goes on as it’s supposed to, but for one day we can take a little time and remember.

      And never let it happen again in our generation.

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      Dallas Williams

      It sucks that the passengers on the other flights didn’t have the balls and wherewithal like those on flight 93 to stand up to the hijackers and attack them with everything they had and even if they couldn’t save themselves and land the plane safely at least divert them away from their targets (The WTC and Pentagon)! Thanks to the SDTS people now can have the know how and skill to make short work of motherfuckers with box cutters or any other blade for that matter. Especially in a group situation like that where you only have one or a few attackers but a huge mass of people who can overtake them work together and use numbers to your advantage. And if the damn liberals would realize that placing more weapon control even at airports and airlines isn’t going to fix anything, hell on those flights if any of the passengers had of been armed with a gun or even a baton or knife it would’ve stacked the odds a bit more in their favor at least. We gotta get the word out there and start turning some of these sheep into sheepdogs :cool:

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      Jeremy Glick. Local kid who wrestled for Dumont and trained in Judo at Ogasawara’s in Westwood, NJ. He was 4 years younger than me and we never really crossed paths but traveled in the same flight pattern.

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      9/11….3,000 reasons to train hard in close combat.

      The Holocaust….18 million reasons to learn how to fight back….

      Any good excuses?

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