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Right. Time to pull y’all into my world.

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      Ahoy Warriors!

      I’m sure you have noticed I have my own kinda way about doing things.
      I am so glad to be part of what you have here Damian, shit dude. I NEVER want to piss you off! *sound of running viking* “eeeeeeee”!

      I want to show y’all something. Its very crazy, but some will get it.
      If ya don’t like blood or retard behavior don’t go look.
      I would rather suffer now, than in the next life.
      Also, now you know when I get a bee in my bonnet, not much can stop me.

      I not here to “convert” anyone. I’m here to learn. Very seriously. I take shit to the next level for fun. I’m the smartest retard I know. Heaven alone knows why I thought this would work. Let this be a lesson to all! this is not the way to do it.

      Remember I warned you.
      Always remember: Good is sanity. Evil is insanity.
      I will be on the side of Light for all I am worth!

      Dude! That brick with sandpaper is awesome! I took a pedestal and put it in the middle of the house, and if you walk past, you must pay tribute to the Chop! My left, suffered most, but now is gettin mean! I hit the kak outta that brick. I wanna break it! I HATE brick!
      This is the funnest course ever!


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      Your post says it all. Next time you want to do something, go beat the hell out of your brick or go to module 6!

      As an owner of several tattoos I have to tell you that the ink is in the dermis:

      I also regret posting this so you don’t take more drastic measures.

      In the future go get it lasered off: https://tattoo.about.com/od/tatremoval/a/tatremoval.htm

      Also, if you are going to film something…FILM TRAINING!!!

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      Yes Sir. Not many I call that. Just had to make sure you knew I’m not a fake,
      Im marrying a vet, she is the clever half. Go check me sword at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTDm8gdgiFc I filmed this 10 mins ago for a friend in Bulgaria, I’m fine, this is not serious, if yer dumb you better be tough. Stings really bad.

      Many thanks, and future videos will ONLY be of training.

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      Dear Sir,

      I need a bit of advice. I have integrated Your system into my training program. I do strength training on: Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. About two hours of intense weight lifting and Viking yoga.
      on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I do the Combat training.
      I started with Module 1 and 2 together, while also starting at the same time with Module 6 and 7. This is a two hour session also, with all drills done to failure. Hit as hard as I can, as fast as I can for as long as I can, with correct form. I am struggling to get a dummy, so I have to make one (I will show you when I am done, Its gonna be sweet and effective) I am now using our old “hit” stump. Its a big log suspended from our workshop ceiling, covered with a couple of layers of hessian bag, tightly strapped, then covered with animal hide. It helps with the strike training but is no good for the eye-gouging and other more technical combos. But for now
      its ok.

      I want to know, do you think I am going about it correctly, and any futher
      advice? I want to become Invincible!

      Many Thanks
      and Kind regards,
      Gunther Jurgens Kotze.

      P.s. Why do roosters not have hands?
      Cause chikens don’t have tits!
      This is the best, coolest and funnest program ever! Haha! Sir, at least you know I won’t have trouble with module 6!
      O yes, my problem is not with tats, but with the symbol I Had on my arm.
      I used to be a worshiper of Thor.

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      Dude, get checked for an infection, that was pretty dangerous in terms of what you used on your skin.
      I hope you at least put some peroxyde on that to disinfect it afterwards.
      You know you can laser a tattoo off or just cover it with another.

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      On the right track. Something to hit, anything to hit. The “hit stump” is excellent, just make sure there is some movement and some give to it. Don’t break anything and don’t bleed. If you’re hurt, you can’t train and injuring yourself can lead to a chronic problem. Slow and steady.

      Make sure after hand conditioning…put them under warm water to get the circulation going again.


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      We are going to fasten that stump to the ground with a car suspension spring, when my brother palm strikes it, it goes flying! he weighs 109 kg. I am only 80 kg. The swine is way slower than me, but I gotta watch out, when he chops, get out of the way!

      I plan to make a dummy out of steel skeleton, with torso and head shaped bag filled with sand.

      My arm is fine man, I have trained twice already, its like a silly scab
      you get on your knee after falling.

      Ill put a video on my facebook profile. It will contain only training.
      It will be short. We pay for data used here in SA, and my mind requires
      gigabytes of data on my quest for truth.
      Just search for “G

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      Best course ever! Im gonna be a Lion!

      Many thanks,
      Gunther Kotze.

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      Awesome, awesome and more awesome.

      BTW, go to https://www.youtube.com/user/angelajudochop and check out the SDC youtube channel!

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