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      Original Email

      From: Thomas GXXXXX []
      Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 1:25 PM
      To: damianr
      Subject: RE: Tom, we will take you seriously…

      If it is truly free and you’re that confident of your system why do I have to provide you with a credit card number. I WAS interested in program until I read your response to questions and comments located in your forum and labeled as “hate mail”. I would think that if you were a true professional you wouldn’t be taking these comments personally. I was also concerned about the language you used and the tone of these comments. I would not want to be associated with a company that wasn’t run by a true professional. In fact, I would be embarassed to direct anyone to your web page that wanted any additional information about your program. Thanks…. but no thanks.



      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.

      That being said, let

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      For those who wish to look up the word –

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      [quote:1blv1d26]Who needs a moronic failure that prefers to be lied to and is too lazy to spell check [u:1blv1d26][b:1blv1d26]is [/b:1blv1d26][/u:1blv1d26]Email?[/quote:1blv1d26]

      Are mispelled words and typos considered the same?

      I just had to.

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      That makes it even funnier Machine.

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      Your so called company is exactly what I thought it was ” smoke and mirrors”.

      Response: We deliver exactly what we advertise. How is that “smoke and mirrors”.

      Anyone who thinks they can train or more importantly teach someone by using a DVD doesn’t know the first thing about combative training.

      Response: I suppose you say the same for fitness training and even distance learning programs from University of Phoenix to Harvard. In other words, people don’t have the capacity to to watch, follow directions and learn. They need you to do it. Weren’t you the guy who was about to purchase the videos? So again, you’re a liar. Why would you purchase videos if fundamentally they were of no use to you?

      Damien, you don’t know me, but because I voiced my opinion and it was critical of the way you handle yourself I’m an imbecile. Well, anyone who read your response to my e-mail can clearly see who the imbecile is.

      Response: Tom, I think you’re proving that with every line you write.

      If you noticed I wasn’t critical of the program because I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about it. Your response to my e-mail was exactly what I expected rantings, ravings, and insults. It certainly looks like I hit a nerve.

      Response: You’re right, you don’t know anything about the program but you now use the smoke and mirrors comment and you now say that the program can’t work because its a DVD based system.

      I won’t waste my time responding to most of your e-mail, however I am certainly not a liar. However, anyone who thinks they can train someone to be an instructor using DVD’s is propagating, to use one of your words, a sham.

      Response: Again Tom you know nothing of how the instructor program works. Ignorance is bliss.

      I take both my training and those that I train seriously and consider it a huge responsibility.We both know this can not be accomplished effectively through the use of DVD’s. It’s all about the money isn’t it.

      Response: Maybe not your DVD’s Tom. I am going to call bullshit here. Read a testimonial or two. The proof is right in front of you. The problem is that if I’m right (which we know I am) people won’t need to go listen to your pontificating to try to learn what ever it is you teach.

      Congratulations, you’re obsolete.

      By the way, it will be an honor to be included in your hate mail section.

      Thanks for confirming my initial suspicions. Oh, and feel free to attack me personally I have dealt with a lot more than you can dish out.

      Tom GXXXXX

      Response: No Problem Tom

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      Im always amazed when folks say ya cant learn from a dvd. Not only can ya learn very well there are a few advantage to learning on a dvd. Here is a news flash for them. Learning from a dvd is just like learning in person. You would be standing where the camera is. Simple. Have a question? Come here and ask it or email. But the thing about self defense is it either it works or it dont. Peroid. It is not subjective when training honestly.

      Dvd works alot better than a book in fact on any subject. Then again I have had people tell me ya cant learn anything from a book and that ya need a instructor. Whatever. So why do humans make all those libararies and book stores? :roll: Morons.

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      I have heard this comment so many times – “You can’t learn from a DVD.”

      Normally it is said by a professional martial arts instructor or one of his senior students. The reason is always the same. If you were learning from a DVD you would not be at their class paying hard earned money for McDojo skills training.

      I think going to a class is great but it has to be because you will gain some some advantage by going. If your priority is being able to defend yourself you are better off watching the SDC DVD material and here is the key. You go and train that material! If you don’t train the material then it is true you can’t learn from the DVD.

      At this stage in my life I have no interest in attending martial arts classes. I did that in the last 20 years. I got more self defense skills from training module 1 and 2 of the SDC course then most of that 20 years. I prefer to follow the SDC course. At some point in the future I will consider attending some kind of grappling class like Judo but it will be with the mentality of adapting the skills for SDC purposes and to refresh my grappling skills.

      Damien, I think you can judge the quality of your material by how insecure it makes some people when they compare it to what they have always put their faith in. Some people don[‘t want to think about how much of their time and investment in the past has been a waste.

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      Harry you are right on the money. Tom has spent 8 years of his life with small circle jujitsu. Having experience with Aiki Jujitsu myself I can tell you in the world of practical self defense it is pretty much useless.

      I know this from the instructor application our friend filled out which prompted his original email.

      When you fill out the application for SDC instructor you can opt in to another mail list that is geared towards potential instructors. The first email you receive asks you one simple question. Are you enrolled in the SDTS?

      The email then goes on to say “If you’re not enrolled in the SDTS, why in the world would you want to be an instructor?”

      The purpose of the email is simple: separate the serious inquires from the tire kickers. Most of the time its instructors of some sort trying to get competitive information or people just curious. What ever the case may be, they are wasting our time and this email does a great job of ferreting them out.

      That eing said, our hero Tom is a hypocrite and of course… a liar. His first email states that he was going to buy the system, but then read the hate mail and decided he wasn’t going to.

      His next email states that “you can’t earn from a dvd”. I am a little confused. If you can’t learn from a dvd, then why were you going to purchase it in the first place?

      The “smoke and mirrors” comment is the best. For a guy who has never seen the SDTS or know the details of the instructor program he sure is quick to come to this conclusion. I suppose it’s easy to ignore you guys plus the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials. Oh well, ignorance is bliss Tom…

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      As for the “Can’t Learn from a DVD” comment.

      I suppose you can’t learn from books either? Hell, let’s just scrap all forms of communication and go back to interpretive dance and oral history.

      Shit, the invention of the printing press was just a really big mistake.

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      “Shit, the invention of the printing press was just a really big mistake.”

      That is, at the same time, both hilarious and deep thinking. Probably the best comeback of all.

      I guess historians wishing they had the Library of Alexandria still intact is really a stupid wish. What could they possible learn …


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      I love these people who say you can’t learn from a DVD or a book. Granted, there is something for instant feedback and correction, but for the most part the majority of what we learn if from media. News, literature, entertainment all gets streamed right into our unsuspecting noggins.

      This type of reaction usually comes from martial arts instructors who feel threatened by other sources of information. I earned my first black belt in a western style tae kwon do school where the instructor was an “I have all the answers”. While there are several reasons for this attitude, it usually ended up with their EGO.

      It really wasn’t until I became involved in Judo that I didn’t see any of that, in fact the opposite was true. People were encouraged to go to other dojos to train. This is a far healthier way to look at things.

      A lot of people realize that it’s not an “US OR THEM” world. You get your information and your training from where you can get it.

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      Well said, sir!

      I think one good thing about MMA is that it opened up alot of people’s minds to the fact that the more exposure you have to different sources the better you will become.

      Even if what you see elsewhere is crap and as long as you have the critical thinking skills to tel the difference than it’s part of the learning process.

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      Hey big guy just had a few so I decided to stop by.

      Wow, hate mail is cool ain’t it. This guy Tom evidently adds 1 +1 and gets 3, oh excuse me I meant FREE!!!

      Talk about your language, whoa! think he ever listen to Carl-naw he couldn’t handle the reality.

      Anyway keep up the good work

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      Great to hear from you, and yep, hate mail is the odds on favorite.

      There are tow types of people, those looking for answers and those looking for reasons.

      Answers for the serious biz of self defense.
      Reasons to write our program off.

      It is what it is, if Jesus showed up in the middle of times square, who would believe him?

      Hope you’re getting everything squared away.

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      Since when did being professional mean wasting time and effort on someone who doesn’t want to buy anything.

      I had someone tell me you can’t treat customers like that its rude.

      Fuck you customers are valued clients who buy thing. You provide them with goods and services and in return they give you money. You treat customers well and fairly and they’ll come back and tell friends.

      What is this moron going to do? Didn’t try the product and whined about harsh language.

      Tom when you encounter hardcore violent people I doubt any kind of bitching will help, but as your head is being bounced off the curb I do hope you think back and say to yourself, “I really should have talked to those rude self defense guys more.”

      Hey your parents are harsh sometimes, but they’re usually telling you something you need to know. Might be rude, but you still need to hear it.

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