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      The SDC Affiliate Program is all built and it’s going to be launched in the next 48 hours. People eligible for the Affiliate Program are:

      Enrolled Insider Members
      Selected Major Affiliates – These are people with significant proven past performance or large followings and mail lists.
      SDC Instructors

      The specifics are being ironed out now, but the PLAN is to have it work something like this….

      Enrolled Insiders receive 5% commission for everyone they refer who enrolls in Insider
      20% Commission for Major Affiliates plus the will receive 5% commission on any enrollments from their down line**
      25% For Instructors plus 5% commission from any enrollments from their down line.

      *Down Line = Someone who enrolls under one of your referrals. Example. You enroll someone lets call that person Jim. Then Jim becomes an Insider affiliate and then refers someone. Jim earns 5%, and you as a Major Affiliate or Instructor receive 5%.

      Remember, you need to BECOME and sign up as an affiliate. You will be able to do so on the Dashboard as soon as it’s ready.

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      Awesome Damian.

      Keep the amazing stuff coming. I know this program will be a game changer. Let’s get rocking.

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      Sweet! told you, you were da Man.

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      Yeah – just Ideas…Dave’s the one putting it into play.

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      James Goolsby


      Are you going to post a link here, blast out an email, or…. ? I want to make sure I keep an eye out for it.



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      There will be an affiliate portal on the dashboard. We tested it with an order and had some issues they’re working on it now.

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      Thanks for the update D!!!

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      [Dave Williams] should be installing it today.

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      James Goolsby

      I can’t wait!!!! Smile

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