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      10 seconds is all it took

      Very few methods of self defense can provide proof of working in the field. The SDTS (Self Defense Training System) has been able to provide proof again and again. Below is a recent story from LtCol Darren Poesel in Afghanistan. LtCol Poesel is also a Professional Instructor with The Self Defense Company in the Tampa Bay area. You can visit his website here:

      The following story is literally hot off the press. What makes this story fantastic is that the subject (our hero) had no prior training in hand to hand combat before training with LtCol Poesel. The success is a testament to instructor, student and system (SDTS).

      Below is the unedited version:

      I was told by one of my students this evening that he had an incident happen last week in which he called upon his SDTS skills. The short story is this, Amail (an Afghan) was traveling to work (via Taxi) when these two men starting some trouble with a cab driver. Somehow Amail became involved and soon found out that he was now against two other men. As he explained “Brother, it was over so fast, less than 10 seconds. All I remember doing was stepping into one person with my full body weight, landing a horizontal edge of hand into the guy’s throat followed by some other vertical edge of hands until the guy just collapsed.”

      That’s about all he talked about this evening, but he kept on saying “Brother (he calls me that all the time), all I could remember was the striking drills you had us do on B.O.B. and that I should always remember that in any altercation remember three things…your assailant will have intent – Check, he will have friends – Check, he will have a weapon.” It appeared both of his assailants were incapacitated so he never stuck around to found out. He continued “Another thing brother, you always said that an attack will most likely occur when you are not expecting one, you are sick, tired, etc. and I have been sick the past few days.”
      I will get some more facts and then type this up as part of his forthcoming testimony.
      Talk to you later.

      This is what you are looking for, no made up stories, no what ifs or innuendos. This just happened in the roughest part of the world.

      The time is now, I hope you take the next small step an being training with us.

      Very Best Regards,

      Damian Ross
      Master Instructor and CEO The Self Defense Company … rogram.asp

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      That’s awesome news! Glad to hear Amail succeeded in utilizing SDTS to save his own skin.

      I had a confrontation the other day, but I avoided physical contact. I wonder how I would have faired against them — a group of more than a dozen? Haha! Oh well.

      Good news anyway.

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      No worries Ben, avoidance is always your best option, it cuts down on paper work:)

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      Hell yeah, especially where I live, you’re basically only allowed to defend the last inch of your life, lawfully. So if someone decides they wanna start punching my face in, I can let them and end up in hospital or dead, or I can fight back and end up in gaol. Not much choice.

      Not allowed to carry anything to protect you either: no tasers, no mace, no guns, no knives. Of course, the criminals who are desperate enough to use such a weapon will carry them around; so the rest of us are pretty defenseless.

      Of course, there’s always cops, but they’re too busy issuing fines and harassing kids for “loitering” at public parks.

      Apparently the group who wanted to do me in ended up bashing two other kids after I had left the scene.

      Pretty messed up world. I hope Americans don’t lose their right to defend themselves. The Constitution seems to be taking a beating…

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      Police can’t be everywhere at once and they’re not body guards, they’re not supposed to be.

      It is up to every citizen to take the responsibility of their safety. This extends beyond self defense to burglary prevention, fire prevention, etc.

      As for the constitution, that’s what we do in this country…we argue, debate and generally keep ourselves preoccupied and distracted.

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