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Self defense for women, kids and elderly?

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      Hi Damian

      Your emails are so informative. Being that I am female, self-defense for women, kids and elderly people is a hot topic for me. I earned a second-degree black belt when I was over 50 and that was fun, but your system teaches the real stuff for the real world. I know several older folks who have have been mugged or otherwise abused, and would like to know more about how they can protect themselves with some well-chosen maneuvers and useful objects (like weighted canes). As you have written, self-defense is a lot about the mind, power of observation, and attitude. How can people be effective at self defense when they have been disrespected and put down all their lives, and don’t even feel up to the fight? I see so many people who just sort of shrink into themselves, and won’t help themselves by trying something that’s out of their comfort zone.

      Anyway, I think too much, and these are my thoughts.

      Idelle Nissila


      Thanks for writing and to be honest “If it’s strong enough for a woman, a man can do it to.” In the SDTS we make the assumption that ALL attackers are stronger, faster and more determined.

      The problem is that you’ve been forced to always meet people on a level ground – hand vs hand, stick vs stick. Self defense encompasses any and everything.

      The SDTS is a strong advocate of weapons both improvised and intentional. For that you should focus on Module 9 and 11. For empty hand techniques for elderly and children look at Module 5.

      For a complete children’s program there is Family Safe http:/

      It’s all here, waiting for you – you just need to take the next step.


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      James Goolsby

      Sounds like the ol’ modified Lion Tamer might work with those weighted canes Smile

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      Dallas Williams

      Exactly no matter who you are always opt for a weapon before relying on empty hand tactics even if you’re attacker is unarmed if you have time to grab and deploy it, whatever steps you can take to stack the odds in your favor and against the assailant by all means do it. Self defense is self defense and if the jury could see it in the GZ case can see it then so can any other reasonable jury. As Carl Cestari said “Do your worst fast and first.” :)

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