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Self defense is not Spiritual

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      Self defense is not spiritual, it’s tactical. It’s not a style, it’s a purpose. From self preservation and survival, to complete devastation of your enemy, it’s whatever works. A closed fist or a firearm, it is the method that is most expedient and most convenient.

      The question is not why you defend yourself but how. How to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. How to use any means necessary. How to survive an assault or a rape. How to channel your will to survive in the most efficient and effective means possible. How to inflict as much damage and injury while sustaining as little as possible. How to survive in any possible environment and situation. How to perform correctly when conscious thought and the power to speak is gone. How to react effectively when you’re incapable of reason. How to survive when you’re only able to perform a single action.

      The question is never why. Why is this person doing this to me? Why can’t I just live my life in peace? Why would I ever want to harm another human being? These are questions of morality and reason. These are the questions to ask before and after, but never during.

      Self defense knows no morality. It knows no right from wrong, only the living and the dead. It does not reason, it just acts swiftly and ruthlessly. Self defense is a cold hard tool to be used with extreme discretion, but when deployed must be done so with 100% conviction until the threat is stopped. Anything less is a gross miscalculation.

      You live your life with ethics, morals and laws. You let your heart and your conscious guide your decisions. But when it’s time to act, the samurai used to say “only think of the cut” and the commando’s used to say “do your worst, fast and first”. Once the switch is flipped morality takes a back seat and you must be prepared to do what ever it takes.

      If you live your live correctly. If you are a moral and a good person, your actions, no matter how brutal, will be justified. Do not think twice about why, just focus on the how because when you are actually put in a position to defend yourself when properly prepared, you will not ask WHY.

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      My version of Chi is getting pissed as hell then breaking the snot box with a hard right or a bitch slap axe hand right across…..well anywhere above the clavicle!

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      :D That’ll do it.

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      You’re dead on about this Damian. Spirituality killed many good combat systems. Semper Fi.

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      The act of self defense has no room for spirituality, but the term self defense itself cannot be complete without an ethical aspect to differentiate and understand what self defense is.

      Ultimately if you are lacking in ethics then most likely what you are engaged in is not self defense.

      While you’re defending yourself there is no room for anything else, but in order to claim self defense, you’d better have a good understanding of the law and logic. Not to mention a good lawyer.

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