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      Mixed Martial Arts vs. Reality Self Defense

      It’s Not a Matter of Technique

      Even though I’m known for teaching self defense I’m also have a rich history in martial arts. I began when I was seven years old with wrestling, I continued with Judo, Jujutsu, Combatives and Karate.

      I’ve been lucky enough to walk in the worlds of combat sport, martial arts and self defense. To this day I still participate, compete, study and instruct in all three aspects of the world of martial arts.

      To learn how to tear your local MMA tough guy apart go here:

      The question today is “Which is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) good for self defense?” MMA is designed for safety. It’s governed and restricted by rules and regulations. The techniques used, both painful and effective will leave you vulnerable against a well seasoned street fighter. MMA is an extremely demanding sport, just like wrestling, boxing, judo or any other sport at its highest levels. The dedication it takes to seriously prepare is spartan in nature.

      As tough as those fighters are, tactically it leaves you dangerously vulnerable.

      The difference between Martial Arts, Self Defense and Sports Lies in three categories

      Let’s break it down like this:

      When you train in MMA, you practice to avoid techniques and targets that will seriously injure your opponent, while in self defense you specifically exploit those areas and base your entire training around them.

      In the ring you are on equal footing with a level playing field matched by age, weight and experience (most times). While in the real world you can be approached by anyone, anytime, anywhere who my are may not be armed and have friends. You must use whatever means “fair or foul” like the old-timers say, to survive and win.

      In a competition you can take your time, feel out your opponent, conserve your energy and devise a strategy. In self defense you must end the fight as soon as possible. The longer you continue to fight, the more injury you will sustain, the more chance of him using a weapon and the greater chance his friends will jump in. When you fight for your life you need to get in and get out as fast as possible.

      Compared to MMA, a person trained in a method like The Self Defense Training System will rip apart you average MMA man (or woman) simply based on the fact of purpose of training. If we took tow people of equal ability and put one in MMA and one in the SDTS and the met in the parking lot a month later, the SDTS person would literally SHRED the MMA fighter.

      At the end of the day its about applying the right tool for the job. If you’re want to challenge yourself with martial arts and competition, by all mans, but if you just want self defense, well that’s a different story.
      To learn how to tear your local MMA tough guy apart go here:

      Until Next Time, Train Honestly,
      Damian Ross
      Master Instructor and CEO, The Self Defense Company

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      Okay, so would you advise I used MMA as a foundation of physical fitness and stamina but in reality I use methods of the SDTS.

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      MMA is bullshit. Here’s an article on the so-called great Urijah Faber who was almost killed in a street fight in Indonesia. This was the only fight where he cried like a bitch for his life….read it and laugh…I did! … hletes/100

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