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      Whenever someone fills out an instructor application on line we put them in an Auto-responder mail sequence and the first email you receive is one that acts a simple question: are you familiar with SDC products. The email is below.


      If you are NOT enrolled in the Self Defense Training System,
      Guardian Defensive Tactics or any other Self Defense Company
      course, this message is for you.

      Why do you want to teach Self Defense Company Programs if you
      have not even taken the FREE trial of the Self Defense Training
      System (SDTS)?

      You just inquired about becoming a certified Self Defense
      Company Guardian, Trainer or Professional Instructor yet you
      have no idea as the the content and structure of the Self Defense
      Training System, the heart and soul of the Self Defense Company.

      If you haven’t taken any Self Defense Company Courses I have
      one simple and direct question for you:

      “What in the world are you going to teach?”

      As the head instructor of the Self Defense Company I will not
      allow you to become any form of instructor unless you support the
      curriculum. The best way to do learn about who we are is to
      start The Self Defense Training System NOW, for free by going

      Get the FREE trial and then if you like what you see and you
      want to find out more about the Instructor Program, we’d be more
      than happy to speak with you.

      If you’re not in the SDTS, Please, DON’T WASTE OUR TIME.

      Mike Archangel and his team at Instructor development take each
      call seriously. When you contact us about becoming and
      instructor in a course you never even seen…

      It’s going to be a fast conversation.

      It will go something like this:
      SDC: Are you enrolled in the SDTS?
      You: No
      SDC: I can enroll you in the FREE trial now
      You: Aaaa….
      SDC: Good Bye.

      When you do schedule your appointment, Mr. Archangel is going to
      ask you some questions:
      1. Are you enrolled in the Self Defense Training System?
      2. What Module are you on?

      Be prepared to discuss the module(s). This will give us a feel
      for your understanding of the material and the Self Defense
      Company self defense policy.

      To get started in the Self Defense Training System NOW go here:

      Listen, would you open a Ford Dealership without ever even
      owning, let alone driving a Ford Motor Vehicle?

      Then why would you want to be an instructor for a company you
      have know idea about what they teach?

      If you’re serious about being an instructor, invest the time and
      the postage.
      To put it bluntly: YES this is a prerequisite. We will not take
      you seriously unless you are enrolled in the Self Defense
      Training System.

      See You in the Trenches,

      Damian Ross
      Master Instructor, The Self Defense Company

      End Email

      Charlene sent this message the first time:

      First I would like to say I just found your system and I have been interested in teaching self defense for awhile now. So I was looking on the internet and found your system and was wanting to know what the requirements are. So I emailed and asked. But I do have training, I am not new at this. I am doing something that is sent to my email. I will get back in touch with you , thank you , charlene


      This morning customer service gets this in their inbox:

      After sleeping on it I have decided that since you are not much of a professional and very rude that I do not need your program . I know you are thinking as you say don’t have the ass for it but you are wrong. I have the ass and the balls for your system. But I want nothing to do with someone who does not know how to talk to people. You will save yourself questions from people like me if you put the requirements for instructor on your web page. Had you done that we never would have had a problem. Thank you and i look forward to meeting you someday in the future , Charlene Evans


      My Response:

      NOTE: Her email says DONNA and she refers to herself as CHARLENE

      Dear Donna and/or Charlene,
      Since your email says one name and you put another in the name portion of the form I can only surmise things about you:
      1. You are deceitful, using someone else’s email
      2. You are not too bright, if you prefer to be called

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      “Chonna” writes me back!!!

      On Mon 08/03/10 12:33 AM , Donna Evans sent:

      I do not go back and forth with my name. My email was set up that way because charlene evans was taken and my nursing licenses legally go by your first name maiden name and last. So let my put this in language you can understand since tring to be nice does not seem to work. You are an unprofessional and rude just so you know i can be also so here it is. Fuck you asshole. I have taken myself off your email notices so do not email me back. Charlene


      So your maiden name was “Donna” and you change your first name when you got married. In regard to being unprofessional and rude, have you noticed that I have not used profanity in any of my messages in fact? I only asked you a direct question and you went down the “ass and balls” highway.

      The question was simple: Why do you want to teach our system?
      Your answer: “I have the “ass and balls” and “Fuck you asshole”.

      Everything we do is a selection process from first contact to final. In the meantime let me recommend I’m sure their product will be more for your liking. Plus they have a LIFE TIME money back guarantee!!!

      Here’s to emailing you every time you email me :).

      Damian Ross
      Master Instructor, CEO The Self Defense Company

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      Wow! This made me laugh. One of the best ive seen lol

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      Ok … I admit it.. I followed the link. But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the training room shown at 00:36 in the first vid at the SDTS facitlity … ? lol … now I’m curious.


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      Okay Big Guy I get it, you just like pushing Stupid peoples buttons, I can relate.

      I love hate mail personally, every morning I go through mine just to get my awareness level up and running and get jum started for all the beautiful people in the world.

      Keep it up-your doing great

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      Yes in my experience when you tell someone something they don’t want to hear all of a sudden you’re being rude.

      The free trial is over and you kept it so you were charged….

      The 30 days is up….

      It doesn’t matter if you think it is crap you bought it….

      We’re a society of people now that want everything and when finally someone says no…they’re put off.

      Master instructor Ross ask a direct question and some how someone is put off and Donna I know plenty of nurses. You can get your license updated like other professional licenses with the proper documentation. It does cost money though and does take time, so you probably just didn’t bother.

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      CCT may be just right for this time of inquirer: For several hundred dollars, you can now get the set of dvds and the certification as instructor comes with the DVD delivery.

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      Isn’t that great, what a deal. A certificate suitable for framing!!!

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