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Sometimes Cops Just Don

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      Is Your Professional Bravado Getting in the Way of Learning Something New

      When Master Instructor Ross developed his training and set out to conquer the world of self defense he thought he

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      I have been a police officer for over 30 years now; 20 years in the military, and over 10 as a sheriff

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      Once again thanks for your support Kirk.

      Not being a peace officer myself I’m always wary about writing about the needs for police officers. After all they’re the professionals and even a small town police officer sees more than anyone should.

      In the past few weeks in my town alone officers encountered a violent illegal alien who bashed out the window of a cruiser, a domestic violence incident where a man beat his girlfriend in the middle of a shopping area (this incident got every cop in town tied up), a fight in a cell with some nut who put his fist in the wall, and a drunk bar patron who picked a fight with an off duty cop. All this in my quiet little town.

      You’re right though it seems the heads of these departments would rather an officer be in the box than deal with a police “brutality scandal.” Personally if saw a police officer fighting with someone on the side of the road I wouldn’t video tape it, I’d come over and hold the guy while the officer hit him, but that is me.

      Than growing up I always thought there was a difference between a cop and a police officer. The first was a tough brawler who kept order and did his job, and the other who was more concerned with following the rules.

      It can’t be easy out there, but for me the cop always deserves the benefit of the doubt, and the best training possible. Faster you can end a fight the less likely everyone is to get hurt. Before the courts rule they really need to consult experts on use of force and find out what they’re fundamentally changing.

      Where would we be without effective law enforcement? It is a scary thought and I don’t want to live in a world like that.

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