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      In the season premier of SOA, the final scene was a 5th grader shooting up his school with an assault rifle.

      Was this even needed?

      The gang does SO MUCH illegal activities that they (the writers) found it necessary to drag the topic of school mass murderers, assault rifles and gun control into the series.

      The story line was so loosely connected to the story – a kid of Dave Navarro who plays a bit part of one of Jimmy Smit’s soldiers.

      The problem I see is that this story line has the potential to develop into a major theme in this year’s series.

      Let’s recap what happened in the season premier….

      1. Prison sodomy – nothing like a little man on man rape to set the tone.
      2. Torture and rape of women. As if Otto being a power bottom wasn’t enough – we need to see women beaten, burned, tied up, raped and urinated on.
      3. The entire Police Force is on the take.
      4. Prostitution and a gun fight – this was a nice break from all the other crap.
      5. Death by drowning – in a bathtub of piss.
      6. Urinating on the dead body – OK, this was actually a little funny given the character being the receiver of the golden shower was obviously forcing women “into the tub”.
      7. A good old fashioned girl on girl prison fight marking the decline of a physician.
      8. The only “good guy” in the show is revealed to be a junkie.
      9. The school mass murder.

      Man, I miss the days when SAMCROW was just fighting with the Mayans.

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      Some valid points. Perhaps they’re setting this all up to be dealt with through the season. They didn’t need to do this with the Shield though.

      No rant about Burn Notice ending?

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      The Shield had it’s moments of Liberal agenda injected into it.

      Burn notice needed to end, though it’s not good for my friend’s husband who did the pyrotechnics.

      Anyone looking for someone to blow shit up?

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      Well what do you expect out in hollywood….they know how the rest of the country should think after all.

      I enjoyed the ending, but thought Michael’s fight with Simon was great.

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      Yes, it was. I also liked the “first rule of combat”.

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