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      Hail brothers. I am Gunther Kotze, I farm in South Africa. This is now, arguably, the most dangerous job in the world. Google “genocide in South Africa”. We stand at a murder rate of 90 killed per day. Every 17 seconds a woman is raped in our country. In one year 65000 babies have been raped by black males.

      I have bought your system, as I can see from far away that this is the way to go. I have been in many life-threatening situations, and your course will sharpen my edge dramatically. I’m sure brother warriors such as yourselves would find our situation quite interesting. There are 3.5 million white people here in SA, and 65 Million blacks. Before you even think I am a racist, think again. I voted against apartheid. Now, our ANC government has betrayed us, and they do not even act against the farm attackers. so far over 3600 farmers have been murdered since 1994.

      I am looking forward to having actual combat training, instead of relying on my Viking genes to survive. Martial arts is bullshit. I lost count of how many “kung-fools” have run away.

      Thank God I found y’all. My queen is gonna benefit greatly from this training.

      I’m gonna freak you dudes out with how hard I train.

      Many thanks and kind regards,

      Gunther Jurgens Kotze.

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      Welcome to H2H combat, my brother.

      there is no doubt you live in a war zone

      You’ll find these technique and tactics, simple and gross motor driven, which is as it should be.

      All you need do is keep an open mind and train with intent and focus.

      I am just a humble no body but if there is anything I can do to assist please feel free to use the site email or post a question.

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      Welcome Gunther.
      As you can tell, we have no time for political correctness and double speak, facts are facts. Get in, get it done and get out.

      I can’t wait until you get your hands on the System. If you train it to its full potential you will be an animal.

      We always focus on the least amount of effort. But there’s the other side of the coin…when you approach this like an athlete, like a professional fighter the sky is the limit.

      Anyone who is serious about their training, wasted a lot of $$$ and finally took the plunge is GRATEFUL that they did.

      Here’s the truth, the bad guys don’t enroll in the program. They’re out there trying to figure out better ways to rape, rob and steal. The good guys have to train to prepare for the inevitable. If not you’re sheep waiting to be taken by the wolves.

      Welcome to the GOOD GUYS and I’m glad you found us.


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      BTW, your situation inspired an email newsletter that should be in your in box. And on December 2nd we’ll be launching the new message of the Self Defense Trainings System, basically, I’ve been candy-coating the lethal tactics of the program. Where else can you learn garroting and how to use an ice pick?

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      Very glad to be here.
      So glad I’m a farmer and God blessed me with enough money to afford this program. Thru our exchange rate its the same as a years salary for some here in SA! Luckily, I ain’t stupid or poor.

      I can see this is one of those things, where what you put in, is what you get out. Excellent.

      Looking forward to the body conditioning, my brother and I do un-intentional bone conditioning! One method we use is striking a telephone book, that hangs on a concrete wall, till you can’t no more. But what I saw in the promo videos looks like fun. As we say on the farm, what don’t kill ya, makes you harder.

      Kind regards,

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      Module 6 is a hidden gem and yes, the phone book is excellent. We even use it in Mod 6.

      I think you’ll fit in just fine.

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